Interview with Mwalimu Rachel

  1. How do you describe yourself? Like who is Mwalimu Rachel?

I am a dynamic, determined young woman who endeavors to be better everyday as I change the world around me to be better in every small way.

mwalimu rachel

  1. Tell us about how the journey in the entertainment world been like.

It has been exciting so far, from entry level intern to now having a big radio show- Class124 on Homeboyz Radio that appeals to the youth. It has humbled me to realize that indeed if you work hard and ask questions on how to improve yourself, while staying focused, you will achieve your dreams.

  1. 3. How is your typical day like?

I wake up flawless…lol. My day is typically busy. I wake up early to work E-mails and inboxes from my fam-not fans! that I love to reply personally to even though I do have a social media manager. I then help to get my son ready for school, and here I am super glad my husband Shaun helps me a great deal to do. From there it’s getting ready for the studio if I don’t have meetings to attend or other side hustles to get to. I do a lot on the side.

  1. Your job is an involving one. You juggle so much. How do you stay sane and attain a work-life balance?

Wine helps! Ha ha! Just kidding. What I value more that anything is that support system. I always lean on my house manager(house help) whom I love and know will take care of my son while I am away, and of course my hubby who sends me out into  the world with a kiss and a prayer. When I do breakdown-and yes, this happens, he knows all the right things to say. I also pray a lot. When in the house, in the car, in the studio, at an audition, I pray for strength and guidance. When I feel I have had a crazy week, I shut off my laptop and have some much needed R&R.

  1. How do you like being in a profession that fuses your talents with your passion?

I love it! Forever thankful that the opportunity came my way and I was prepared for it! I thank God everyday. The danger though is that sometimes I forget that my work is my play and my play is my work! That’s why vacations are important to step away from this wild life.

  1. What did you study and is it related to what you do now?

Sociology and Language and Communications at The University of Nairobi. It’s kind of related but like that 4th generation cousin of a cousin of your grandma. It was very general but I was able to pick something and work with it!

  1. How did you get into radio?

Just the typical auditions that a friend of mine showed me in the papers! All my friends knew what I was passionate about and always alerted me of opportunities. Friends- Good ones, are a gift from God himself I always say. I didn’t get in the first round of auditions at Homeboyz Radio, but was able to with the second bunch of presenters they added. I never gave up hope.

  1. What has been your proudest moment so far?

Gosh there have been many. Perhaps being chosen to go on the Blaze Summits with Safaricom. Many worthy people in the media industry were auditioned to be MC’s but they chose me. That was awesome.

Mwalimu Rachel 3

  1. Apart from radio, what else are you involved in?

I am a TV presenter, MC, voice over artiste, social media influencer, motivational speaker as well as just recently, C.E.O of my company- MRX Media Limited.

  1. What motivates you?

A saying that my father once put up as a wall hanging in our home: “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.”  I want to achieve greatness. I want to leave a legacy.

  1. What challenges have you had to overcome to reach where you are?

Self doubt. Sometimes I wondered if I was good enough. If I had what it takes to do radio and TV. Was I interesting enough? Did I look good enough for the cameras? I had to stop comparing myself to others to realize I am my absolute BEST.

  1. What’s your definition of success?

Success to me is laying a strong foundation. One that can withstand anything and moving on to build the dream. If that foundation is strong, then I have succeeded because should the dream crumble, I can always start over.

  1. Advise a young person starting out in your line of work?

Give yourself time to grow. There are no stupid questions! Ask them to the right people who will guide you to better yourself. Many will criticize but decide what to pick and turn that into a challenge that you want to overcome!

Mwalimu Rachel 2

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see my company prospering and growing-I am currently assembling my team of worker bees, one gladiator at a time. I see MRX Media being a tool to positively shape the minds of young people in Africa. I won’t say I know exactly how, but somethings are better experienced and not predicted. That’s why I am MRX—Mwalimu Rachel Experience.

I also see my family growing- Jabari needs a playmate!

You can interact with Mwalimu on twitter @MwalimuRachel

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