Weight Loss: Tips To Get Rid Of Belly Fat


When this year begun, I had committed to get abs. So as usual I downloaded the different apps to guide me on how to get a flat stomach because by August I wanted to rock a summer beach body. Unfortunately I will still wear my one piece costume. Belly fat is one of the most stubborn type of fats to get rid of and one of the most irritating to have. It is simply a drag as it makes your clothes feel tighter and makes it a struggle to fit into those nice jeans you might have invested in. Belly fat is known as visceral fat which causes different health risk such as diabetes and heart attack. It is almost impossible to lose weight in just one area, although the stubborn place to lose weight is around the belly, so how do you get rid of it?  After some research, I found some tips from authority nutrition, I  gathered some credible points.

How to get rid of body fat. Image from http://www.wikihow.com/Get-a-Flat-Stomach-As-a-Girl
  1. Eat fiber: From the time you have breakfast; you have the opportunity to have a high fiber diet. Fiber is like a gel in your digestive system, it simply helps everything move in the right direction and as quickly as possible. This means you will be less bloated a lot of the time leaving you with a lighter feeling and a flatter stomach as well. Include smoothies in your diet such as papaya smoothie, oats for breakfast and whole wheat carbohydrates.
  1. Reduce your alcohol intake: In Kenya, alcohol intake is almost a culture in every function. As a matter of fact most occasions are not complete without alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol has a lot of calories that end up leading to central obesity that is around your waist. Keeping in mind that you are working towards a permanent lifestyle it is only realistic to reduce your alcohol intake instead of stopping altogether. When you are having alcoholic drinks such as whiskey or vodka if possible chase with water instead of soda or juice as this will reduce your calorie intake. The after effect for most people after a heavy night of drinking is to have junk food. It is wise to eat before you drink as it takes a longer time for it to be absorbed in your blood stream and to avoid binging on junk food too.
  1. Low carb diet: Famous trainers such as Jane Mukami have challenges that entail a no carb diet or low carb diet. It is better to have whole wheat carbohydrates instead of refined ones. We eat carbohydrates for energy mostly, so if you end up consuming more than you will lose that day it will turn into fat and will be stored in your abdominal area. If possible, have a no carb diet at night because when you sleep you use little energy.
  1. Reduce your stress level: You need to relax and sleep some more. Research has found that when you’re hassled out a stress hormone known as cortisol is produced. Cortisol triggers high appetite which leads to eating more and therefore producing more fat around your abdominal area. When you have your eight hour sleep at night as opposed to five you decrease the unhealthy production of cortisol.
  1. Watch what you eat: whenever you serve food, think before you eat. It is also wise to not get too hungry so that you decide what you will eat as this is the time you will most likely make the wrong decision. When I am very hungry I usually convince myself to eat junk food. Instead have snacks in between your three main meals and preferably fruits, carrots or peanuts. Maintain a balanced diet and the right portions.
  1. Workout: I have tried not to think about this point hence why it is down this list, although it is very important. As I have learnt it is almost impossible to just lose weight in only one area which is good as your body becomes proportional as well. With every workout you do always do an aerobic exercise before; a jog, get a skipping rope, swimming, or a brisk walk. This aerobic activity warms your muscles up as you lose calories and prepares you for muscle training. If you prefer the gym make sure you follow your instructor’s instructions. If you like working out from home then get an app that is strictly for abs and will guide you accordingly.
  1. Join a help group: It is important to hang around people who have the same interests as you do. I joined several groups on Facebook such as Jane Mukami’s challenge group. These groups encourage you as you see other member’s progress you get highly motivated and people are always willing to give you information.
  1. Try that smaller outfit: So maybe you have that dress or jeans that you have been meaning to wear. I still have to fit into my dress hopefully very soon. Instead of weighing yourself every day, your progress should be seen and be obvious when you try on an outfit that is smaller than your usual size. Seeing that outfit should not depress you but should give you the morale to get that flat tummy.

At the end of it all, you should aim to be healthy as well as fit. Think about why you want a flatter tummy or a healthier body and let that be your drive.

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