8 Things To Consider When Buying A Travel Bag


I recently watched the 2009 ‘Up in the air’ movie and marveled at the ambition of the main actor, Ryan Bingham (George Clooney), who aspires to become the 7th  and the youngest person in the world to earn 10 million frequent flyer miles with the American Airlines. He takes delight in traveling and goes to many workplaces in the US firing, laying off employees and giving motivational talks on relationships using the analogy of the contents of a backpack. He regularly poses the question ‘What’s in your backpack?’ to show why we should get rid of relationships and things that burden us so as to lead a stress-free life. The movie revolves around airports, bags, passengers and airplanes.

I quote this movie because I think if I interviewed Ryan Bingham and asked him what advice he would give to frequent travelers; his answer would probably be “Start with a bag in mind”. It is no brainer that for you to have an easy time while traveling, you need to carefully choose the kind of bag that does more than just carry what you need. In the present age where style and impressions matter, a travel bag says a lot about your fashion sense and dictates how people perceive you, be it at airports, offices or bus terminuses. How then do you choose a travel bag with the right features for your kind of travel? Whether you are connecting flights or just going on a vacation? Let’s look at some of the things you should consider when looking for a travel bag and the ideal bag for whatever kind of travel.

Different types of travel bags. Image from http://www.goblinindia.com/luggage-and-bags.html


Ever travelled and when you got to your destination you realized that you lost some of your items from your bag? It happened to a friend of mine who lost valuables after some person accessed his bag and emptied the contents. You do not want to lose any important document or item simply because a random stranger took them while in transit. Choose a bag with lockable zippers and where you can lock in important contents.


This basically is for the rainy season. Consider a bag that has a hard case and is water-proof.

Quality and Colour of the materials

Although leather bags last longer compared to others, not everyone can afford them. Choose bags made of quality materials that are not prone to fast wear and tear and have colours that do not show much dirt in case you intend travel frequently and will not have enough time to clean them.

Comfort and weight

Consider bags that can carry as much stuff as you need and will be easy to carry. In this case, consider wheeled-bags that you can easily roll especially if you have a kid that don’t know how to walk on their own.

You can also consider other factors like the period you will be away for your travel, the kind of activity you will carry out while on travel and the destination. Whether you will be away for short of long adventures, whether you are going for hikes or just to have fun or whether you’re going to camp or in a hotel.

These bags will be ideal for the specific activities you will be involved in.


This is a small bag that would be ideal for a weekend getaway as you can pack a few clothes and other accessories you will need while away. It has strong handles to support the weight of the contents and pockets to help you get organized.


The best thing about these kind of bags is that you can carry your entire wardrobe and still be comfortable walking in airports or other convenient places as you are aided by the wheels.


Ideal for going for long adventures and will probably have a specific location like a hotel when you will be away from home. It allows you to carry as much stuff as possible since it has a wide space and you can pack clothes worth your entire trip.

Duffel Bags

If you are the sporty kind, playing for a team or as an individual or are a fitness enthusiast, duffel bags are ideal as they allow they are easy to carry and can carry your fitness gear.

You can also consider backpacks, suit carriers or messenger bags depending on what you like or the nature of your trip.

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