EABL Launches Multi-Brand Consumer Promotion Dubbed “Win-A-Ride”


Kenya Breweries Limited on Friday launched a multi-brand consumer reward campaign that is aimed at rewarding and appreciating loyal consumers of the three brands participating in the campaign: Smirnoff, Baileys and Johnnie Walker.

The eight-week promotion that is dubbed, ‘Win-a-Ride’ will see consumers winning daily and weekly prizes including instant cash prizes of Kshs 500, weekly prizes of Kshs 20,000, monthly prizes where two people will walk away with Kshs 500,000 and the ultimate winner driving away with a brand new Subaru XV in the countrywide promotion.

Subaru eabl “Win-A-Ride”

The “Win-a-Ride” promotion brings together three star-line up of brands in the Kenyan market that have a great consumer base in the country and obviously need no introduction. Speaking during the launch at the EABL Corporate Building in Nairobi, Kenya Breweries Limited Marketing Director Stephen O’Kelly added that the choice of the three brands was brought about by the incredible performance of the respective brands that are in the forefront of leading the spirits segment in the Kenyan market which continues to remarkably grow. The promotion is thus a way of celebrating their loyal consumers with the fantastic prizes being given away in the promotion.

So why are they giving away a Subaru as the grand prize?

Mr. O’Kelly explained that the choice of the beautiful vehicle was an expression of Kenya Breweries’ product consumers who are bold, fresh, vibrant and edgy just like the Subaru XV.

Smirnoff’s Brand Manager Ms. Angela, also echoed Mr. O’Kelly’s sentiments saying that the Subaru XV is the best choice among the other cars they would have given away since the Subaru clearly resonates with the spirit of their consumers. She said that the vehicle really fits into their lifestyle and also easily connects with who they are. The consumer is described as a young, bold, savvy, and curious adult with an adventurous spirit; one who wants to carve their own path, in their own way and in their own style and the Subaru XV is the perfect fit into this adventurous spirit and will allow them to enrich their experiences as well.

I had a look at the Subaru XV during the launch and from the specs of the vehicle, to what the feel that the car gives, I can safely say that the winner of this car will be one lucky human being.

The Subaru XV has been ingeniously designed and exclusively styled to orchestrate your life. The stylish symmetrical all-wheel drive with an Ice Silver Metallic finish, is a vehicle that is versatile and suited for Kenya’s vibrant youth. The car that is bought suited for the husky terrain of road trips and the sultry feel of a night out with friends is definitely a car that connects with the consumers’ passion points.

To participate in the ‘Win-A-Ride’ promotion, winners are required to buy either a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, Baileys or Johnnie Walker from the 250ml up until the 1 liter bottle and scratch a panel on the bottle to reveal a six-digit code. They then send the code to the number 20048 to make an entry, giving them a chance to win. Attendees at yesterday’s launch were the first to start winning after several of them present immediately sent the alphanumeric code and instantly won cash prizes from Kshs 500.

The ‘Win-A-Ride’ consumer promotion follows the previously successful ‘Shikilia Nganya’ promotion by KBL in which a 35-year-old consumer won a 29-seater minibus, with 36 other winners taking home smartphones and home theater systems over a 10-week period.

You can follow the promotion proceedings over the eight weeks following the hashtag #Scratchnride on all social media platforms.

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