Why You Should Try Out The Airtel UnlimiNet Tariffs


When I got my first phone in 2001, I saved for months to get a phone (and got a boost from one of my grandfathers). At the time phones were very expensive. The really great phones cost upwards of Ksh. 100,000 and they were very bulky. At the time Siemens, Nokia, Sony and Ericsonn were the brand names and you had to well off to have a phone not just because of the price of a handset but because of the cost of buying credit. At the time a phone call was something like 25-27 shillings and that was per minute. There was no per second billing and an SMS was something like 10 bob. When you wanted somebody to call you, you would flash them so that they could call you back because hey 27 shillings  a minute was a lot of money to spend on a call as a student. Phone calls and texts were expensive but it was prestigious to say you had a phone. My phone which I bought on offer was stolen after exactly 6 weeks in a 46 bus and I was devastated. It took me almost a year to get another phone and it was a phone booth, one of those brick Ericsson’s that was really heavy.

Mobile phones used 15 years ago. Image from http://ow.ly/Vs8y303jaVi
Mobile phones used 15 years ago. Image from http://ow.ly/Vs8y303jaVi

15 years later it is amazing how far we have come in terms of cost of phones, cost of credit and the fact that you can have internet on a phone. 15 years ago we did everything in the cyber cafes but now we do everything except printing on our phones. The most amazing thing is that now everybody can afford some type of phone, whether basic or a smart phone. You can now call and SMS at a very low fee and internet is now affordable.

Sometimes one of the most annoying things about credit is not being able to track how you are spending your money. You can find that all the time you are putting credit on your phone because you are in the middle of a phone call and your credit gets finished. Imagine calling back a client and apologizing by saying “sorry my credit was over” it can be very embarrassing. Or it could be frustrating when talking or chatting with bae at 11 pm and your minutes runs out or your internet bundles are over and there is no way to get credit at that time because the shops are closed and you don’t have money on mobile money. Which is why bundled tariffs could work for you.

You probably know all about Airtel UnlimiNet but just in case you don’t here is what you need to know. Airtel has a bundled tariff which allows you to get voice, SMS and data all in one bundle that you pay for every month or day. The best thing about it is that you can also get to chat and post pictures on all your social media platforms for free. This is through the free unlimited social which is Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Gmail.

The best thing is that you can choose the tariff that suits your pocket, your business and the things you love to do. You are able to have Unlimited Connections. Unliminet combines, voice, SMS, and data bundles so that you are able get in touch with your business associates, your family, friends 24 hours a day.

The best thing about having a bundled option is being able to know as long as you have paid for the service you are able to do all the things you have planned to do with your phone for the day. And if it is friendly to your pocket why not try it?

The Airtel Unliminet offer is permanent, the SMS’s and voice calls you get a valid for all networks and best of all the bundle options are valid for 24 hours. So instead of calling somebody sheepishly to tell them “pole my credit got finished” isn’t it time you started thinking of how you can get the best tariff to suit your needs?

Airtel UnLiminet Plans

Here are a few reasons why you should think about joining the UnlimiNet movement.

  1. Ability to create your own Hotspots (WI-FI)

With the affordable internet for Unliminet doing assignments and proposals doesn’t require you to visit a cyber café because you can get everything running through your smart phone or Wi-Fi device. By the use of one device as the source of Wi-Fi, other phones or computers can also connect to it and access the Hotspot Wi-Fi.

  1. The three in one tariff

For business or social one one needs three things, Internet, SMS and Minutes to make calls. You get all this in one bundle.

  1. Affordability

With the fluctuation of the Kenya shilling on the market, everything nowadays is expensive, but you have to survive by all means.  This is the cheapest tariff that offers low call rates across networks that comes along with data bundles for browsing as well as SMS that can be sent to any network across the board.

  1. Durability of the tariff

The tariff is permanent. Every subscriber has the power to access his/her social media networks even if your bundles run out before period of subscription. The packages are divided in terms of daily, weekly and monthly with the cheapest package going for 20 shillings.

The Airtel UnlimiNet bundles are valid for 24 hours when on a plan of one day, seven days for a plan of one week and 1 month for the monthly plan with a guarantee of carrying forward your remaining minutes, data bundles and SMS if renewed before the expired day.


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