Why Airtel UnlimiNet Is Attractive To Young People And University Students


I remember back in 2012 when I joined the university, accessing the internet was still one of the biggest milestones that many public higher learning institutions had not tackled. Despite the growth of technology, which had led to invention of wire cable internet, quite a good number of higher learning institutions were not open to the idea of creating a platform for students to access the internet freely.

Doing assignments was one of the biggest challenges despite the slogan that was being used freely – that Google is your friend. Mobile service providers were not focused on Generation Y fully as most of the tariffs were focused on those who had the money and not the poor university chaps who were skipping meals in order to raise some money for buying credit and stay connected to the internet.

Life in the 21st century revolves around communication and having a platform that gives you all the freedom to control your expenditure in terms of what you spend on airtime gives every communicator the peace of mind. Many people shy away from accounting for money spend on airtime time simply because they don’t want to know the huge amounts of money they have spent while handling their daily communication/There is nothing as sweet as communicating and being connected to the people you care about, without fear that your airtime is going to run out in the next minute.

The struggle of staying connected to the internet kept me in a tight corner, I was always in debts due to expensive data bundles that were available on the market. This suffering went on for a period of time until Unliminet was introduced in campus. For a comrade to be complete all he/she needs is a network that gives him/her the power and freedom to connect with friends, family and be in a position to socialize without limits. When Airtel UnlimiNet was unleashed to the market, the struggles of doing assignments came to an end. This savior came on board with a three in one package containing SMS, data bundles and call minutes that cut across all network, while offering cheaper call rates.

The tariff provides a great platform to enable students do enough research on their proposals and assignments from the comfort of their smartphones, tables or even their laptops without spending a lot. With low as Ksh 20 one can be able to stay connected without any worries. Back in the days buying data bundles was very expensive but many had no choice but suffer in silence.

During an open forum that brought together last week BAKE members and Airtel Kenya, Airtel told us about their plans for customers.

So what are the strengths and benefits of staying on Airtel UnlimiNet?

  1. The 3G network

If you want to punish members of generation “Y”, simply subject them to slow internet. Within the period that Airtel UnlimiNet has been in existence, its network has transformed for the better. 3G network has been made available in all major cities in the country.

“The speed of our internet is now on a new level compared to the old days. Now uploading and downloading of documents for those in schools have been made faster through the cheaper Airtel UnlimiNet Tariff, “said Joep Verhei, Head of Data and Devices, Airtel Kenya.

  1. Value for your money

There is nothing sweet in the world like a hustler who can be able to account for his/her money. The Airtel UnlimiNet tariff offers youths value for their money, as with little a Ksh 20 one is able to have SMSs, bundles and call minutes just by one subscription.  While on the Airtel UnlimiNet platform you are given the power to control your expenditure in terms of what you use on credit.

Airtel UnLiminet Plans

  1. Portable router

Away from the Airtel UnlimiNet plan, Airtel also offers a portable WI-FI router that has a speed of about 21Mbps with the ability to connect 5 to 8 devices at ago. The router doesn’t support live streaming but plans are under way to change this nature.

  1. Ability to get bonus airtime

The best thing about being on the UnlimiNet tariff is that when you top up via Airtel money and you are on Airtel UnlimiNet you are guaranteed 25% bonus. This bonus increases your time of being connected without limits.

  1. Affordable call rates

The UnlimiNet plan offers the cheapest and most affordable call rates across all networks.  In campus if you had an Airtel line friends would always beep knowing that you would call back.

While on a daily plan of UnlimiNet fifty you get to enjoy, 20 minutes talk time, 100 SMS, and 100MBs that cut across all networks. Long before the introduction of UnlimiNet many students had developed mechanisms of sourcing money from their parents, in order to get some extra coins for purchasing credit, but that is no more. When on Airtel UnlimiNet everything is cheap.

  1. Internet for schools

As way of giving back to the society, Airtel through the UnlimiNet tariff is running an initiative dubbed internet for schools to ensure all schools across the country are connected to the world. So far the program as seen more than 100 schools connected to the internet with a guarantee of 5GB of data every month.

  1.  Durability of the tariff

The UnlimiNet plan is a permanent Tariff that is meant to serve customers over the years to come. In a bid to confirm this, Airtel have also introduced the Kitaifa Bundle that allows their customers to make international calls at the cheapest cost ever of about 5 per cent per second.

The age of receiving messages warning you about your data running below 2MB are over; when on the UnlimiNet you have the power to enjoy unlimited Internet with  free Instagram, Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter even if your data bundle runs off.

Airtel Kenya has also introduced cheaper smartphones on the market to allow more people to connect to the world. With Ksh 3500 one is able to purchase “Airtel Sleek” phone and utilize his/her UnlimiNet package fully.

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