FERO launches a new range of sleek mobile devices in Kenya

Aura series from Fero. Image from http://ferodevices.com/smartphones/

Did you know that in the event of a natural disaster, 97% of people would run out of their house grabbing only their phone? Imagine that! They wouldn’t even pick their wallets, who knows if they would even remember their important documents!

We all agree that the world is continually becoming digital and the rate at which Kenyans of all ages and circles are acquiring these handy devices is growing by the day. Smartphone manufacturing companies are also realizing this great potential, and the latest entry to this market is the FERO devices.

Aura series from Fero. Image from //ferodevices.com/smartphones/
Aura series from Fero. Image from http://ferodevices.com/smartphones/

The company this week launched a new range of impressive devices; both entry level feature phones and premium smartphones targeted to satisfy the needs of the Kenyan community at the most affordable rates. The new mobile brand which will be available in all major retail stores across the country, offers 16 models which are included in the following:

  • Royale series
  • Smartphones : Aura series, Zoom series, Power series and Mega series
  • Feature phones

From the feature phones to the Royale series, the devices express a youthful and bold vibrancy that are aimed at delivering the features that customers need in a manner that gives them a great experience, with no limits to the personalities and lifestyles of their customers. For example, the Feature phones offer a variety of needs like crystal clear display, long-battery life, power back-up, GPRS among other features. These phones can be used by people who prefer the simplicity of the use of a phone, without compromising on the overall customer experience.

Speaking at the launch, MIDCOM CEO Mr. Atul Chaturvedi expressed their excitement in launching a brand that really connects with its customers. He explained that with the 13 years of experience that MIDCOM has had in distributing leading mobile phone brands in Africa, it has high time that Africans got a mobile brand that was tailor-made for the region. This brand would take care of the needs of everyone in the society as they also deliver good quality products.

The Royale series – which in my opinion stole the show – showcase a never seen before elegance with a variety of colors, refined design and powerful specs that are available in 3 options: the X1, Y1 & J1

The Fero Royale 1.1. Image from //ferodevices.com/smartphones/fero-royale-j1/
The Fero Royale 1.1. Image from http://ferodevices.com/smartphones/fero-royale-j1/

Here are some of the different specs of the Royale Series collection:

  • The first thing you notice about the Royale X1 is how bold it is. It comes with a 5 inch premium metallic design, packed with a Quad core processor and 3GB Ram that allows plenty of multitasking without your phone hanging.

It is also 4G enabled and comes with a 4000 mAH Battery that can last all day, meaning you can work and play as you capture every moment with its 13 MP Rear & 5 MP Front Camera. It is also a Dual-Sim enabled device.

  • The Royale Y1 comes in two colors, Gold & Rose Gold, equipped with a high resolution 5.5 inch HD IPS Display, 1280 x 720 HD IPS+ display, a Quad core processor just like the X1 and a Power Boost feature that lets you use your phone all day with its long battery life feature.
  • The bold and beautiful, Royale J1, captures the eye with its super slim sexy and light design. With a Quad-core processor, just like the other Royale members, it lets you work without having to worry about its processing speed. It comes in two colors, Gold and Space Grey.

The smartphone devices ranges also include specs like the Quad core processor, leaving no one to chance in terms of super processing speeds, Marathon 3,600 mAh battery with up to 14 hours of talk time and clear IPS Displays of upto 5.0 inches. The POWER series also comes equipped with a titanium metallic back panel that gives more emphasis to its ‘Power’ build.

In addition to the great specs of the individual devices, the company which has over 70 stores countrywide already, is looking to opening up service centers in all urban centers in the country. This means that for the people in the rural areas who would want to send their phones to the Fero service centres for repair with the amazing convenience of free courier services with that package. This would ease their burden and frustration of having technical issues, when they arise, and have them serviced at their best convenience instead of having to walk for long distances.

To know more about FERO mobiles and their individual prices, visit their website: www.ferodevices.com

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