When Love Burns


I haven’t written poetry for a  couple of years which is strange because even before I was a short story writer I used to write poetry. I am coming back to my first love, and although I don’t  have a muse anymore I have some inspiration from the past. Here are 2 poems I have written this week.

Love burns. Image from http://www.eyesonwalls.com/products/love-burns
Love burns. Image from http://www.eyesonwalls.com/products/love-burns

We lay our souls bare for the ones we love,

Our skins a red carpet into our hearts.

We treat them like VIPs,

Yet we are just carpets to be trampled on with spiked heels and boots.

Our tears are their cheers as on to the next they move,

As we are left reeling in pain,

Burnt by the heat by our stars.

We are left shriveled,

Discarded like the petals of roses we threw at their feet.

Love will burn inside you

Then burn you up until you are a shell.

Your heart will turn into bitter ash

Whose particles shall swirl in the winds of desperation

Then be blown away into the sands of time.

Nothing will remain

And the wind shall sing the song of lament at the burial,

The funeral of a love that once made a heart beat.

Potentash 2016.


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