Men: How To Know If Your First Date Is Going Well


It’s clear that you want to know whether the woman you’re on a date with is interested in you. Although most men think it’s impossible to guess what’s on a woman’s mind, there are some subtle and obvious signs showing you can count on a second date. If a woman likes you, her body language, behavior, and the things she says will communicate her feelings. Your task is to be attentive and decipher her signals to make sure that she is interested in you and would like to go out with you again.  Ukrainian Brides Agency have a few tips on how you can know if the lady likes you.

African-American couple dining out. Image from:
African-American couple dining out. Image from:

A well-flowing conversation

As a man, you should keep the ball rolling and introduce new topics. Yes, your initiative is necessary but your conversation is a dialogue in which two people should take part. That’s why you should look at how your date reacts to your stories and how she answers your questions. If her answers are short and she doesn’t ask you questions in return, she’s not into you. But if she answers enthusiastically and seems excited and genuinely interested while inquiring about your life, relax, she likes you.


Humor is a great way to establish the connection between you and your date. If she laughs at your jokes, it means she is on the same wavelength with you. If your date is into you, she’ll smile even if your joke wasn’t that funny. You should also pay attention to the sincerity of her smile.  If a woman is really attracted to a man, she’ll smile a lot during the whole date.

Eye contact

Women don’t have any problems with maintaining eye contact and if they are interested in their date, they will look them straight in the eyes. When a woman is attracted to a man, her eye contact with him will be even more prolonged. It’s as if she’s trying to draw you closer but since she doesn’t want to come across as compulsive, this is how she may express her attraction to you.


Touching is one of the sure-fire signs that your date is into you. According to dating experts, if you want to show a woman that you’re attracted to her, you should touch her and break that physical barrier. It should be done in a subtle manner. For example, take her by the hand as you cross the street or touch her hand as you tell her something. Once that barrier is down, she’ll start touching you in return. But if she’s not interested in you, she’ll avoid your touches and try to keep you at a distance.


If a woman isn’t interested in you, she’ll try to end your date as soon as possible. Suddenly, her phone will ring and she’ll have to say goodbye to you. But when your date likes you, she’ll try to stretch your date. She’ll order another cup of coffee or go on interacting even after a waiter has brought a bill. If she’s bold enough, she may suggest an after-date stroll.


When you’re attracted to a person, you subconsciously start mimicking that person’s posture and gestures. If you lean towards your date and she leans towards you or if you start talking in a soft voice and she starts whispering, she adjusts to you which means the connection is established.

By analyzing your date’s behaviour, you’ll be able to understand whether a goodbye kiss will be appropriate.

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