Adelle Onyango Set To Launch A Mentorship Campaign – The Sisterhood Series


For a long time in Kenyan history, women have been subjected to human rights abuses while shouldering an overwhelming amount of responsibilities. Many people have been drumming for women empowerment in the society and this call seems to be bearing fruits. The number of women who have managed to earn a formal wage stands at 29% but there are those women in Kenya who are determined to ensure that this figure goes up.

Radio personality and Kiss 100 presenter Adelle Onyango is set to unveil a mentorship programme aimed at uplifting women in the society and creating a stable support system for the ladies. Adelle has gone through many challenges but she stands strong as a woman championing the idea of empowering women.


According to Adelle, the #SisterhoodSeries campaign will create a strong network for ladies in Kenya with women coming on board to support each other.   The Sisterhood campaign will commence online with Adelle looking for women who have inspiring stories to tell the world.  These stories will then be documented in a video shoot that will kick off on Sunday, November 20, 2016.

“I’ve always wanted to have intimate mentorship sessions so I really get to hear people’s stories, the issues and challenges they’re going through. So I can truly help. So there will be a one on one mentorship session with the winners as well as confidence building exercises and a fun photo shoot to immortalize the experience.” The mentees chosen will get to interact with popular radio presenter and former Big Brother reality show housemate Sheila Kwamboka,” Adelle said.

Adelle added that Sheila Kwamboka has graciously agreed to stop by and share some inspiration during the mentorship session.

“I love that she is such a powerful woman doing amazing things and her story will inspire others! I want it to start and never end.” said the radio presenter.

Apart from the sisterhood campaign Adelle Onyango runs other initiatives that are also aimed at empowering the girl child in the society.


Founded in 2010, NO MEANS NO is a rape awareness campaign started by The Kiss 100 presenter Adelle Onyango to create awareness on rape incident rates across the globe as well as educate people on measures to take after a rape incident.

Being a rape survivor Adelle Onyango has always been on the front line to share her experience as a way of encouraging other rape victims to open up about their situations and at least seek help from others who have gone through a similar experience. The campaign requires a rape survivor to send an email to Adelle Onyango’s team and they get a free therapy accompanied with counseling.

  1. ProjectSHE

Back in the year 2015 Adelle Onyango rolled out another initiative dubbed ProjectSHE. ProjectSHE begun with collecting stories from women across the world, where they could share the challenges they faced in their lives and how they managed to overcome the challenges.

The ProjectSHE initiative partnered with Technical Engineering College of Pretoria, is located in   South Africa and the students of the college used the platform to share their stories.  Men were also allowed to participate in the ProjecSHE by sharing a story of a female icon they draw inspiration from.

The ProjectSHE started to go viral in April of 2015 when Adelle Onyango the founder begun sharing the inspirational stories of different women one story at a time, with one story a day.


Ficha Uchi is a Swahili term meaning “Hide” and Uchi means “Nakedness”. The Ficha Uchi trust aims to restore dignity to our school going children by providing the basic right of decent clothing thus promoting academic excellence and uplifting their self-esteem.

The Ficha Uchi is achieved by people donating decent school uniforms to students in dire need of basic clothing who would otherwise wear tattered uniforms to school. In addition, the trust organizes motivational talks as well as provides life coaches who work with the students in charting forward their academic paths.

Adelle Onyango was appointed to the campaign’s board as well as a brand ambassador. She frequently joins the campaign in their bi-monthly trips to various schools.  Anybody in the society can volunteer to be part of Ficha Uchi initiative and help school going kids get decent uniform.


Team Adelle was created by Adelle Onyango’s fans and trends daily whenever she is on air. With its steady growth, it has become a space where young people feel like they can belong without having to change themselves. They now have frequent hangouts where they can share their ambitions, seek help and also, just have fun. The movement also visits children’s homes whenever possible. This is a space where Adelle Onyango not only provides mentorship but one on one interaction so that members can get personalized advice.

The team also has its own gear that they usually use when they have events and you can also get the gears by participating in the monthly giveaways that happen primarily on their website.

Recently the team visited Mary Faith Children Centre, located in Riruta where they shared time with the kids as a way of giving back to the society.

For more information you can visit and join the movement of empowering women in the society.

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