Travel: Inaugural Got Ramogi Cultural Festival Siaya To Take Place Next Week


The Got Ramogi Cultural Festival, the maiden event of the annual festival, will be happening on the 24th to 26th of November 2016 at Got Ramogi, Siaya County.

The County Government of Siaya prides itself as one of the few counties that believe in uplifting the Luo culture, its music, art and craft, story-telling, poetry, and other forms of art entertainment such as boat racing. The event has been put together by the Ministry of Tourism, Siaya County.


For the first time, the country brings together the top five best musicians from the region. Led by the legendary Osogo Winyo, Tony Nyadundo, Lady Maureen, Koffi Makadori, and Madanje Perimeter, the festival is set to compliment all the great festivals that have taken place in the region.

The cultural extravaganza shall have a cultural symposium, traditional food expo, a version of Ramogi Night, Lake Victoria Sitatunga Boat Race, and Ramogi Beach Party.

“The event is intended to develop pilgrimage tourism as a product in Siaya County,” Amos Okello, the Chief Officer, Administration and Governance at Siaya County said.  “ That is why we have dubbed the event ‘Got Ramogi  Cultural Festival and Reunion’ with the theme ‘Duog uru dala nyikwa Ramogi’”.

The festival is meant to bring culture lovers from all over the world to Got Ramogi to pay homage to their original settlement and dispersion area and brand Got Ramogi as the “the cradle of  culture”.

But why have the organizers chosen this particular location? Is it the most pristine location to reunite all? Got Ramogi, unlike most hilltops holds a very important part in the history of Luoland. The forest itself is unique due to the multiple advantages it presents.

Elizabeth Adede, the Director of Tourism at Siaya County says that Got Ramogi houses several historical sites, diverse species of aquatic flora and fauna. She adds, “The hill therefore has the potential of providing opportunity for ecotourism targeting both local and international tourists thereby providing employment opportunities to the local community. This would in turn boost both local and national economy and improve local tourism.”

Amos Okello further says that the rich diversity of resources that lies unexplored in the forest further lends credence to the need for their conservation. “This is only achievable through initiation of alternative income generating activities that could be adopted by the community and enhance conservation of Got Ramogi under the current participatory forest management,” he says.

Ramogi Beach Party is a special collaboration and partnership between the County Government of Siaya and Guinness, on the leading brands for EABL East African Breweries Limited.  Tony Nyadundo is the exclusive performer during this special event.


Everyone is invited to this great event.

Event highlights:

Date: 24th to 26th Nov. 2016

Activities: Ramogi Night, Lake Victoria Sitatunga Boat Race, and Ramogi Beach Party, and Food Expo.

Main Performers: Dola Karani, Lady Maureen, Osogo Winyo, and Tony Nyadundo.

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Guest post by Oduor Jagero. Oduor Jagero is the 2011 African Playwright winner and acclaimed author of the musical sequel Color of God, Confessions Of a Harlot, Eyes on the Rock, and the winning Musical Makmende Vies for President. Oduor is trained journalist, documentary script writer, and a poet. He works for his company KoaMedia LTD, a media consulting firm, magazines, and online publications. He is also a tech enthusiast and Lead at CMS AFRICA, an organization that carries out tech tours around universities while also organizing the tech event, CMS AFRICA SUMMIT every year.

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