Kilimall’s Black Friday Offers Big Discounts For Shoppers – Black Friday Explained


If you love deals and like to get value for your money, then November is a good time to get almost everything you ever wanted at a discount both locally and abroad. Retailers in Kenya have now embraced the Black Friday concept, and for those who do not know what Black Friday is let me explain it to you. Black Friday is a concept that started in the US, and is the day after Thanksgiving Day in the US (4th Thursday of November). it is considered to be the start of the Christmas shopping session and major retailers open very early and give promotional sales. The concept of Black Friday has now been embraced all over the world and is now a major shopping week in many places around the world and especially for online sales.


Online retailers in Africa, and especially Kenya have now embraced the concept and Kilimall this year is offering what it says are the “The Best Deals of The Year” during the Black Friday week. Kilimall’s Black Friday will have discounts and offers every day starting 21st November to 25th November to mark Black Friday 2016. There will also be flash sales where some hot items will be on sale for a couple of hours and whoever manages to get to the counter first (online cart) will be able to buy the item.

Different top brands including Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, Cubot, Sayona, Skyworth, HotPoint, LG, Bata will be giving discounts for the Kilimall’s Black Friday.You have the chance to get electronics, shoes, fashion items among other things. You will be spoilt for choice for available products.

Some of the stuff on offer.


Electronics –  you will be able to get discounts on Televisions, Fridges, Cookers, Home theaters, Soundbars, and Washing machines among other things.

Smartphones – from this month, Kilimall has slashed prices and there are bargains on different smartphone brands. You will also be able to take advantage of the Black Friday discount offers.

Fashion: For those who love fashion this is a chance to get some clothes, shoes and fashion accessories.  Kilimall will offer clothing at 40% off between 21st – 25th November. Kilimall is a home of big fashion brands like Bata, Tommy and Levi’s among others.

Kilimall’s Black Friday will take place over four days starting tomorrow so you can head over to the site to check out what kind of things you would like to buy when the sale starts. You will be able to buy things off the web, the mobile app and offline. Kilimall have said they are ready for shoppers and so you will not experience the downtime that happened last year with Jumia, whose site seemed to crash several times. Let us hope that this will ring true and you will be able to shop to your heart’s content on the site.

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        • What is the problem exactly? The concept is now used all over the world not just here. Why does it have to have a Kenyan name for it to be effective? Also it is happening across countries – Kilimall Black Friday is happening in UG and Nigeria as well. There was no concept like that in Kenya so it is not like we are trashing something of our own.

          • The problem is that your borrowing holiday concepts from USA that are meaningless to Kenyans. We celebrate Black Friday after thanks giving. Its an after the event sale day.
            Kenyans have lost the way. Soon you will be celebrating thanks giving, USA independent day, etc. The loosers are Kenyans themselves because they loose Kenya history and foolishly follow USA history.

          • Just wondering why you are living in a country USA that you seem to disdain? I hope to visit Kissi friends but I hope angry persons such as you are few.

          • Fredrick. LOL. Answer this question: Are you living in the United States of America?

            Why? You seem to hate us. Why live here?