9 Things Girls Find Annoying about Guys


You may have been trying to get the attention of that girl you met at a party but she keeps ignoring your calls or requests to meet. She may have seemed interested at the beginning but after a date or some calls, she suddenly goes from hot to cold. It could be that you have done something that has really gotten on her nerves. In this article get some tips on 9 main things you should stop doing immediately!

Getting on her nerves. Image from http://www.wikihow.com/Attract-Girls-Without-Being-Annoying
Getting on her nerves. Image from http://www.wikihow.com/Attract-Girls-Without-Being-Annoying
  1. Cracking jokes when she’s serious

Of course, women adore fun guys. In some cases, a good sense of humour can help you instantly build a connection. However, your sense of humour should always be well-placed and sharp. When she’s going through some problematic situations and needs your attention, you’d better take it seriously!

  1. Demonstrating you know something better

Some guys believe any little mistake made by a girl must be corrected. We suggest you approach these matters selectively. Carefully think if she really needs your help (unless you’re playing a critical trivia round at a local bar).

  1. Backhanded compliments

Women want to hear nice things from their crush or boyfriend. But those must be really nice and – what’s more important – unambiguous. Well, it’s okay to add a bit of sexual subtext if you are a long-term couple; but if your relationship is only about to start, you should use your wits to pick more appropriate lines.

  1. Giving advice when she doesn’t ask for it

Willingness to help is indeed adorable – but only if that help is requested. If she asks you for advice, then you can give it to her but don’t butt in with your advice when she is just telling you about her issues. Your advice could be valuable and relevant but only if she asks for it. Listen and wait for her to ask for your thoughts.

  1. Showing no interest in her issues

When a girl likes you she wants to know that you care about what’s going in her life. You may be the hottest man on Earth but if you don’t display any curiosity about her and keep talking about yourself, she gets turned off. Pay attention to her and she will pay attention to you.

  1. Telling her other girls are hot

We hope you understand that’s a huge no-no. Just imagine her staring at other guys while taking a stroll with you and commenting on their attractiveness. Believe us, she feels exactly the same. Keep that conversation with your male friends.

  1. Provoking debates

Men like debates, you could say that it is part of their nature. It can be entertaining and enrich a discussion. On the other hand, too frequent arguments (even of a friendly tone) gets oppressive with time. Learn to be discerning about such issues.

  1. Expecting her to entertain you

Women have their own lives and things to do. Telling her that you are bored and expecting her to drop everything she is doing to entertain you is not a way to get into her good graces, no matter how much she likes you.

  1. When you keep stereotyping her into feminine roles.

Some guys still get astonished by girls who are into video games, sports events, or want to club instead of spending a quiet night at home. Well, this is what the modern era brings us. Male and female areas of interest are becoming somewhat similar. And this doesn’t mean all girls are becoming less feminine or charming. So, don’t be surprised if her hobbies turn out to be less conventional then you thought they should be.

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