5 Ways To Make Your Relationship Exciting Again


There are various stages any long-term relationship goes through. During the honeymoon phase, the world is beautiful and it feels like you can live on cloud 9 forever but eventually, you calm down and things might not look so rosy anymore. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with it – passion and excitement can’t last forever and even biologically, we are programmed to calm down with time. But are there any ways to keep the flame alive. We give you some tips to figure it out.

Happy couple. Image from http://aidanneal.com
Happy couple. Image from http://aidanneal.com
  1. Analyze the situation

In the context of romantic relationships, this may sound odd. However, all the aspects of human life are impacted by our rationality. The modern world changes rapidly and without giving us any time to think about what’s really important. Very often, couples lack proper communication which is actually the basic ingredient for a romance. So if you feel something’s wrong with your love life, don’t put it aside – think about the situation and try to understand what exactly needs your attention. Then work with your partner on the issue and make your relationship stronger.

  1. Share your thoughts and listen

As we have already mentioned, no long-lasting romance is possible without close communication between two partners. It’s not about discussing some new film or watching a TV show together, no. What about a sincere conversation? Buried in our daily problems, we usually tackle shallow stuff in conversations with our beloved. And if that’s your case, it is important to fix the issue asap! When your partner initiates a dialogue, do your best get involved in it. Listen carefully to what she or he tells you and say what’s on your mind.

  1. Curve some time out of your schedule to spend with your partner

To feel happy, lovers don’t need to stay together 24/7. Yet there must be some free time for just the two of you in your busy schedule. These moments should be spent on joint activities, meaningful conversations, and simply hanging out together as a couple. Of course, it’s necessary for your partner to get some time for you as well. Try to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind and bond.

  1. Don’t get caught up in the same routine

In any long-term relationships, there are some periods when the thing that kept you together don’t seem to be making sense, the passion you felt for your partner is low. When it happens, some couples part and some overcome the difficulties. What you should be aware of is that a real bond between lovers is made of more solid stuff, like mutual love, understanding, friendship, and trust. There are no 100% compatible people yet you and your partner can be able to strengthen your connection via personal and joint self-growth. Likewise, taking up new hobbies interesting to you both is a great start to rebuilding your bond.

  1. Work on your sexual life

None of us is perfect in bed. Some people overestimate their skills and get convinced they’ve completely mastered the art of making love. However, this is often a huge mistake. So you and your soulmate should continuously learn new things together- don’t be shy to try new things.

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  1. Relationships get bland mainly because people don’t embrace their sexuality. For instance, men do not practice game in long term relationships resulting in a bored woman. Also, women become more masculine instead of embracing their femininity. The solution is not an intellectual analysis of some five step program to follow, instead it’s the embracing of one’s sexuality which modern society has grandly banished. You feel me?