Relationships: Seven Traits Women Seek In Men

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What attracts women to men? Is it male sexuality, physical attractiveness, ability to take responsibility or a winning smile? Or something in the man’s eyes, a kind of masculine magnetism? So many women, so many different opinions. But anyway, it is possible to emphasize on several traits commonly good for women. Instinctively the woman pays attention to how the man looks like, then she also considers who he is. Every woman has her own image of the most desired man for her and she is looking for it in reality. Every woman wants to be loved, protected and satisfied. She also wants healthy children. Prime dating gives you a few tips on what women are looking for in a long-lasting and happy relationship! Many researchers have wondered what women want and they have done studies to figure it out. Here are seven traits that researchers have concluded women find irresistible.

A couple hanging out together. Image from
  1. Physical attractiveness.

Men’s biological characteristics attract women. But it is changing with time. Today, the definition of male attractiveness is different from what it was not so long time ago. The ideal man in the past was the so called Alpha Male. He was strong, hard, often quite dirty and not well-groomed. Taking care of his appearances was considered as unmanly occupation. One feature of masculinity is the height of the man. It is associated with strength and courage. Sociologists are skeptical about the common attractiveness of small stature men. Although genetics claim that these men are much sexier than their tall counterparts.

Which parts of the body women like the most in men?  The first thing women notice in men is how they look, so that is the first step is getting her is to be physically attracted. Speaking about broad shoulders and strong arms, most women want man’s protection and want to feel safe. Big shoulders are a sign of strength and masculinity. Men’s chest distinguishes a man from a woman, but also both sexes pay attention to this part of the body. Men admire the roundness of the female breast and women like well-built strong muscles of man’s chest. It also gives a woman an impression of safety and demonstrates the strength of a man. Subconsciously, women tend to be attracted to men with well-defined chests.

Strong hands in a man are attractive for women too. The man’s hands can tell a lot about his ordinary activities. Men’s hands can be rough and gentle, affectionate and passionate.

Beards or stubble on the man’s face are now stylish. An unshaven face gives a man a certain charm and the beard is a traditional attribute of wisdom and solidity. Currently, a big percentage of women prefer men with a beard or a three-day stubble. But there are still many women who would prefer clean-shaven men’s faces. According to the common opinion, the ideal male body in the eyes of women is as follows: broad shoulders, tall height, and narrow hips. There are features that makes the male body attractive for women.

In addition, the man must be in good shape and clean in terms of hygiene. Nowadays women pay attention to the man’s nails. They must be clean and neat. Bitten nails with the dirt repel women. Another thing that now attracts women is a man’s buttocks. A man with a muscular, not big but well-shaped buttocks attracts women’s eyes! Beer bellies are no longer attractive. Women want to see themselves next to a sporty, healthy man who takes care of himself and has a neat appearance.

  1. A sense of humor.

This is very important for every woman; her man must have the sense of humor. Make her laugh and feel better! Women always need and want a good laugh. If you can make a woman laugh, you are getting points. Women are very grateful for the man’s ability to add joy and light to their day-to-day life. A man should not be afraid to make fun of himself or tell jokes to lighten the mood.

A sense of humor is at the top of every woman’s list for a potential partner. But why is this? Because humor has the ability to lighten a situation! To impress a lady, humor is undeniably is one of the most important traits a guy must have. A sense of humor is not only a great icebreaker, it is the golden key to a successful and long-term relationship. Life is not always peaches and cream, and women truly value a partner who has an ability to see the lighter side of things. Most importantly, what’s the point of dating if you can’t make each other laugh on a daily basis? Women want to be with someone who knows how to have fun.

  1. Sociability, Success, and Confidence.

Every woman takes into account the social value of her man. A success oriented man means safety for her and the relative freedom that is guaranteed by somebody who is financially steady. What a man does matters to a woman and how he carries himself is very important. If ever there were a single trait women look for in a man, it would be the social confidence. That’s because confidence is built from an accumulation of other traits. The more attractive qualities the man has, the more is his social value. That is undeniably sexy for women. Man’s social value and confidence are very important for a woman. A woman wants to know that she can introduce you to her pals without having to worry that you could potentially creep them out. There’s a difference between being confident and being cocky. It makes a woman feel secure knowing that she has a confident man by her side. A man who can be confident even if he has flaws (which we all have), is very attractive.

When the time comes, the woman will insist on introducing the man to her parents. Every woman wants a winner. If a guy has a job and a place to live, it generally means that he is driven, hardworking, and responsible: all of which are ideal characteristics for a mate. This comes from prehistoric times, when cavewomen wanted to be with the best hunter of the tribe. A woman with a successful man doesn’t have to worry about freezing or starving, and in this modern age, doesn’t have to feel awkward or limited in achieving her own personal or professional social goals.

  1. Intelligence and  Talent.

Intelligence is super important not only because it may affect the person’s ability to succeed in the society, but because a woman wants to be able to talk about the things that interest her with her man. Women wants to listen to kind words and to be understood. If you want to hold a lady’s attention, you should be able to hold a conversation.

Whether artistic or physical, talent is enough to raise the woman’s interest from the first meeting.  A man who has the ambition to figure out what he wants to do and who he wants to be is hugely appealing. Sitting around on the couch all days long talking about how difficult the life is… is not attractive. Doing something to succeed shows that you are driven and women admire men of action.

  1. Eye contact, Voice and Good smell.

In the first look magic can happen.  Eyes express feelings and the one simple look ma get a woman interested. It is not surprising that a deep voice attracts women. Being more sensitive human beings than men, ladies trust their senses of perception more: sight, hearing and smell. One woman said: “I am ready to forgive everything for a man with perfect eau-de-cologne!”

  1. Honesty and trust.

Obviously, trust and honesty are important qualities in all relationships. Trust comes from acting in honest ways, but the definition goes beyond that. One of the distinct feminine qualities is intuition and with women’s intuition comes the ability to feel you from miles away. When the man learns to be deeply honest with himself, about his struggles, shortcomings, challenges, strengths, all of it, then the woman will see his integrity. And she’ll trust her man, too.

  1. Sensitivity and ability to love.

A woman wants to be wanted and loved. That’s why the woman constantly needs proof of her man’s love. Hold her hand, caress her skin and hair, and ask her how her day was. A woman wants a man who listens to her and cares about her issues, her dreams and what she is going through. She wants a man to be present when he is with her, not just there in body but his mind is far away or he is doing other things when she is trying to talk to him, like calling other people, texting or watching tv when they are supposed to be bonding. Presence is a practice. You can find many ways to distract ourselves all day long. But if you want to learn to be more present, you can! Women appreciate a guy who can put himself in her shoes and provide comfort in tougher times. Plus, a sensitive man is one who knows a thing or two about romance. Women need to be wooed both in the initial stages of courtship, and throughout the lifespan of the entire relationship.

There are also other moral qualities that women want to see in their soul mates: spiritual strength, reliability, male sexuality, charm, courage, intelligent rationality, diligence, diplomacy, the ability to be flexible regardless of the circumstances, the ability to accept and take responsibility for their mistakes and deeds, intelligence with the combination of tenderness, the ability to speak and convince, but without excessive talkativeness, lack of desire to flirt with other women, the ability to be human, regardless of the circumstances, the feeling of inner freedom and independence, the ability to help the woman at the right time and right place, the skill and the ability to appreciate woman’s love etc.

How much each man is attractive to a woman, depends on the woman, her concept of life and priorities at the moment, social conditions, her mood and state of mind, her qualities of character, mental organization and the exterior concept of the ideal man. So, everything is subjective. In civilization history, there is no subject that is as complicated as the relationship between a man and a woman!

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