Unscrambling Africa: The Beauty Of Africa Through A Photo Lens And Tweets By @truthslinger


You may know that a group of friends have embarked on an ambitious road trip through many African cities to show the beauty of Africa, and the project is called Unscambling Africa. These four friends, Mutua Matheka, Joe Were, Lulu Kitolo and Josh Kisamwa have come up with a plan to go around Africa to capture the essence of those cities and change what people perceive of our beautiful continent. They met their target and now are getting ready for an epic road trip. Don’t you just wish you could smuggle yourself into one of their suitcases?

From left to right Joe Were, Josh Kisamwa, Lulu Kitolo and Mutua Matheka. Photo credits: Unscrambling Africa

Even though they have met their target they will still need your support.

  1. Check out their preparations and adventures on the hasthag #unscramblingAfrica and engage them.
  2. They probably still need stuff so if you are feeling generous you can still order yourself something like postcards to support them.
  3. They are going to be visiting different cities in different countries. If you know somebody who can have them over for dinner or lunch or just take them to all the great spots that would be awesome. They probably have this figured out but in true African hospitality style if you can lend them a hand please do. Money saved for meals can go a long way.
  4. If you are a religious person prayer can go a long way.

Anyway last week Mutua Matheka put out a series of tweets to show some of the beauty of Africa. Can you imagine the kind of stuff they will come up with? Anyway enjoy.




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