Sing Movie Review: The Back To School Movie Your Kids Need To See


It’s probably been a crazy week for you, taking your kids back to school. Even though it would be absolutely lovely for the prospect of school to bring huge grins to kids’ faces; that tends not to be the case in most situations. Children seem to sigh at the prospect of leaving the holidays behind. Even if they are a little excited after such a long break to meet their friends, it still feels a little bit like they are letting go of some of their freedom. Thus what better way to send them off into the next term than with a brilliant movie which you can both enjoy together?

Having been released on the twenty first of December last year, SING is the perfect fun musical animation that will have you dancing in your seat and rooted, listening for more music as the credits roll. Having watched it with both my brothers, we had to look for the film’s soundtrack as soon as the movie was over and we got home. The music is the biggest factor that gets one as they watch the movie. Almost like the HOME soundtrack performed by Rihanna which had some fantastic music, or the RIO soundtrack which carried you to the tropics and the South American culture of dance, the music in SING has you snapping fingers and tapping feet. Incorporating modern songs that make you feel like you belong because you can sing along and oldie goldies which make you feel nostalgic – Don’t you worry about a thing, my way, Hallelujah, Stay with Me, and Shake It Off amongst others.

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Speaking of voices, the chosen cast all seemed to have a pair of lungs on them which can be surprising when you realize who some of the voice overs are. For example it’s no surprise Tori Kelly has the literal golden voice of an angel so it was a beautiful surprise to see her cast in an animation. Another obvious talent to grace the stage was Jennifer Hudson with her glorious soulful voice. Yet who knew that Scarlett Johansson could belt out music from her core, or Reese Witherspoon could sing her heart out in beautiful fierce melodies?

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If by any chance you have a heart as hard as stone and the music does naught to melt it, fear not for the storyline at least will capture the imagination of your child. Following a bumbling Koala named Buster Moon, in this city of humanoid animals, the movie captures his attempts to make theatre great again. His dream is to have the theatre hall which his father worked so hard to buy filled with crowds who appreciate the beauty of raw talent performed on an open stage. His reality however is that he is broke, bankrupt, and about to be in debt so such a dream seems impossible. Yet with his happy go lucky ever optimistic attitude he tries a last ditch effort to save his theatre by holding a music competition. With his last savings he is able to promise the winner 1,000 dollars but as his clumsy old secretary is typing out the posters for the auditions she accidentally adds a number of zeros on to the given amount resulting in the prize money totaling 100,000 dollars! Before they have time to see and recant the mistake, a gust of wind blows the posters out into the city, thus becoming the beginning of this rollercoaster fun filled adventure of an animation!

One of the most beautiful lessons in this movie is on failure and the fact that it is okay to fail. Unlike the narrative where someone comes and rushes in just in the nick of time to save the day the characters are allowed to fail and life doesn’t end. It may feel that way for a time but eventually they pick themselves up and go on. We are constantly reminded through the film, “when you have reached rock bottom the only place left to go is up”.

Movie Details
• Rating: PG (for some rude humor and mild peril)
• Genre: Animation, Comedy, Musical & Performing Arts
• Directed By: Garth Jennings, Christophe Lourdelet
• Written By: Garth Jennings
• Run time:108 minutes


Matthew McConaughey – Buster Moon (Voice)

Reese Witherspoon –  Rosita (voice)

Seth MacFarlane – Mike (voice)

Scarlett Johansson – Ash (voice)

John C. Reilly –  Eddie (voice)

Taron Egerton – Johnny (voice)

Tori Kelly – Meena (voice)

Jennifer Saunders –  Nana (voice)

Jennifer Hudson – Young Nana (voice)

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  1. Hey Shingai,
    I have and will always love animations. I went with my amazing bestfriend who happens to be be i die hard fun to of animations yesterday to watch SING at Junction and i can confidently say it was worth our time and Money…..And guess what is coming next..The Boss Baby!!!Make sure to check out the trailer you will thank me later!!..Okay bye, i have yapped enough..

    • Hi Ruth!
      Right?! Honestly animations these days are life giving, I’m glad you enjoyed it… I definitely will check it out 🙂 thanks! If you have any more movie suggestions to review let me know… Thanks