Restaurant Review: Kafein Bistro Ngong Road Is Worth Checking Out


Do you love good food?

If the answer is yes then you need to check out the newly opened Kafein Bistro on Ngong Road at the New Marsabit plaza. It has great food, excellent service and has enough space for your kids to run around if you have any. I discovered it like 2 weeks ago and I have gone back again. That’s how much l loved it.

They have some interesting dishes. I was there twice to check out the food.

Just looking at the food you work up an appetite.

It seems the food was so good this lady had to do the before and after pictures

Try their Italian Soda. It is Ksh. 400. It could use more syrup though to give it a sharper taste because once the ice cubes start melting it becomes very watery.

Happy customers. This was during my first visit. I had to go again.

The spicy chicken wings are a favourite. A portion is Ksh. 400 for 4 wings.

They have some great staff who are also good with kids. They kept my nephew busy with games and were also very patient with him.

This is a great place to check out before becomes really popular and you can’t get a seat.

What you need to know.

The new Marsabit Plaza is opposite Ligi Ndogo on Ngong Road. They have Wi-Fi so you are sorted for internet.

Prices are reasonable. Fries are Ksh. 150. A beer is Ksh. 300 but they haven’t started serving alcohol yet (they are still in their soft opening phase). Meals start at around Ksh. 400 for bitings. The main meal is around Ksh. 600 to around Ksh. 900.

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