Video Review: Fena Gitu – Sema Ngwe.


Ngw’e is Kenyan slang for ‘I dare you’ and it was often used during our childhood to sift through those bluffing and those who would actually do the stunts and dares they claimed they would. It was a word that evoked either fear if you were about to be called out on your exaggerated abilities or instilled bravado and made you the star during playtime when you lived up to your own hype.

The Fenamenal woman has started the year with a bang with a collaboration with Kagwe Mungai, Mayonde and Muthoni Drummer Queen on the song Kama Kawaida which is an upbeat party number. Not one to keep us waiting too long for her next hit, Fena has released sema ngwe.

The aptly named video begins with Fena receiving a phone call from her friend who picks her up and they embark on a ride through the city with stops at various points in K South, Galleria Shopping Mall and XS Millionares to complete outrageous challenges. These include doing push-ups in the middle of traffic, messing up meal deliveries, gate crushing a child’s birthday party and hitting an exclusive strip club to dance in what seems to be her pajamas. She is wearing a onesie which is a one piece body suit throughout her daring adventures. This adds playfulness and a light touch throughout the video.

Her lyrics are witty with clever references to her own growth and superiority as an artist. It also does not fail to mention Nairobi’s love for a good party. The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along to and keeps you humming long after the tune is over.

The song itself has a chill dancehall type of beat reminiscent of ‘Murder she wrote by Chaka Demus’.The song has been produced by Jack Jack of Pacho Entertainment which is the stable responsible for P Unit’s popular single wabe. Gabu of the music group P-Unit also features on the song but he mostly just raps Fena’s name on the beat as opposed to delivering anything that might convey lyrical prowess. Other notable cameos are Big Pin.

The release of her single came days before her Fena Unplugged concert which happened on the 4th of February at the Alchemist. The single is available for download on iTunes and boom player and you can also watch it on YouTube.

Fena Gitu first appeared on the music scene when she won Fete de la Musique in 2008 at the Alliance Française and later did background vocals for Dela and Muthoni Drummer Queen. Branching out to blaze her own trail as an artist has proved rewarding with the release of hits such as Brikicho which features music producer Jaaz Odongo, Jabulani and other successful collaborations with Kagwe Mungai and Wangechi in ‘They Don’t Know‘ and ‘Dutch’ respectively.

I recommend this video, having played it on repeat since I first heard. Support her by actually buying her music instead of illegally downloading it. You could also jam with her at her concerts as we encourage the growth of our own.

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