Bro Code For TGIF


When the week draws to a close, all you want is to just unwind, blow off some steam fast and forget about this wretched heat for a bit and nothing quite helps like a night out with the boys. (Okay I can think of a few others but that’s for another day yes?) Now like all other social situations, there are unwritten codes of conduct for hanging out with the guys which I feel like more often than not are ignored.


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Take lots of water

There will most certainly be lots of alcohol involved (that’s the whole point after all) so stay hydrated. Take lots of water as you down your drinks. This ensures that you don’t get too tipsy too fast so you can keep the fun going for as long as you like. No one likes a light-weight. Hydration also ensures that the morning after isn’t as proverbially head-splitting as it’s usually expected to be and also you don’t wake up looking pasty and miserable.

Have a designated driver

If the whole point was to get blacked out drunk, however, at least make sure you have safe means of getting home. The last thing you want is waking up in a ditch with a world-class hangover and no recollection of the previous night. If you don’t have a designated sober driver among you, call a cab.

Also most important, leave no man behind. Your boys are your responsibility and loyalty is the gentleman’s way.

Don’t Be a Douche

The point is to have a good time and we all know good times tend to get a bit rowdy. However, don’t go out actually looking for trouble. Don’t be rude to the waiters or try to pick fights with random people. Jail drab does not look good on anyone. Instead be the life of the party. Be happy and enjoy being out with your guys. If someone accidentally bumps into you, then let it slide. If that gorgeous girl at the bar rejects you, laugh it off. Such is life.

Dress for the occasion

Keep in mind the elements when choosing what to wear during your night out. Sure tight-bicep hugging tees may look great and may get the lasses to notice your two weeks’ worth of cardio, but are they really worth the shivers and goosebumps? You’ll be out in the cold all night so cover up. Get an overcoat or a cardigan or a jacket, basically anything warm. Be practical and stylish about it too, you want to make an impression on that pretty young thing across the counter way before you go say hi.

Be a bro

Sounds easy no? Ideally, it should be but throw alcohol and a bit of music into the music and the real demons really start to wake up. Side note: the little demons were summoned when you first ‘slapped’ the bottom of that vodka or whisky bottle, whichever your poison is. So picture this, one of your boys wants to approach that particularly beautiful looking lass at the counter; it is your manly duty to be a bro. You have been tasked by nature itself to make your boy look like he owns a small Caribbean island. (I imagine people who own these look like Idris Elba so yeah). By all means, don’t let him make a fool of himself and if by any chance you realize that the ‘thirst’ is not mutual, shutdown, abort, extract and save face.

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