Valentines: Atheists Looking For Love In A Godly Nation

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An interesting article appeared today (14th February 2017) in the Daily Nation page 3, tucked away beside a major headline announcing that atheist men were lonely because they were being shunned by religious women. There was no mention of the atheist women (though there is a lot of pictures on their website of pretty ladies ) so I will assume their love lives are doing just fine or that they have perfected the art of keeping their religious aspirations a secret. Though that does present a sort of conundrum because ideally if you want to meet a person with similar beliefs you will go to a place where these similar interests are shared. For example, a meat lover will more likely meet a fellow meat lover in a barbeque festival than in a vegetarians’ convention.  Also, if I was a vegetarian, I would presumably dislike meat and meat affiliates being prepared using my pots and eaten from my plates…Like Jews with their Kosher and Muslims with their Halal. So this article really left me asking more questions than sympathising with the plight of the single atheist men.


Do atheists have meetings? Like Christians with Sunday (or Saturday) service? What do they discuss during these meetings? Where are the women in this society or is it only men who have registered as members? Why are they running to the media to look for pity (maybe pity love?) from religious women if they have denounced the existence of a Higher Deity?

Are these people being sensationalists just to make headlines and get their fifteen seconds of fame? I mean, just the other day they were in the news for not being able to raise legal fees to become a registered society.

I am just wondering if them lying about them being atheists to get a date or whatever makes them any better then the team mafisi we see in church who go to church to get girls. So if they say Christians are living a lie by believing in God, are they going to live a lie by pretending to be believers just to get girls?


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Atheists worldwide, however, are known to be pretty confrontational and will always try to dissuade people of religious convictions from their faith.  they will “preach” their ideology to anyone and everyone and make sure you well know what their convictions are. I’m not sure if a person who believes in Scientology would make a good life partner of an atheist but they really should look into forming ties that will ensure religious convictions do not come in the way of love.

Well, I did try to cut the guys some slack as Valentine “festivities” do leave the single people wanting some love and affection, but maybe the problem is one of their making and they should find other ways around it rather than crying foul when things don’t go their way.

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