Huawei Unveils The New GR5 2017 With Dual Camera


Huawei has over the years gotten a strong foothold in the Kenyan market. Last year alone saw Huawei get 14% market share of the Kenyan market. They have been known to launch some of the smartphones that we use. This year they launched the new GR5 2017 mobile device as part increasing their footprint and as a way of leveraging its growth performance to attain their target of 50% in local sales.

The GR5 2017 has made a name for itself as being the first midrange smartphone in the local market with a powerful dual camera. The GR5 boasts of two cameras at the back, one with 12megapixels while the other one with two megapixels. The two cameras work simultaneously to ensure the user takes amazing and quality images. The 2megapixels simply captures object shapes and forms in black and white while the 12 megapixels generally captures colour and finer details. The phone also has a front camera with 8 megapixels for those selfie moments.


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Like the predecessor P9 and Mate 9 the GR5 2017 shares similar powerful features. The GR5 is very efficient in performance with a 3GB ram. The phone is able to hold a lot of data with an internal memory of 32GB. Huawei has looked into solving the problem associated with most smartphones. The smarter the phone the more batteries it consumes, with the GR5 2017, Huawei has ensured that the battery life is extended, the GR5 comes with a battery capacity of 3270mAP. The phone provides speedy performance, an exceptional battery that is coupled with the Huawei power saving technology that ensures 1.5 days of productivity on a single charge. The security feature of the phone has also been enhanced. A new and improved finger scanner device comes with the phone. The 3.0 fingerprint device allows users to open the phone with the fingerprints at any angle.

The phone also has a spilt-screen feature. Users of this device are able to multitask; one can easily watch a video and reply to emails at the same time. This great device comes in a fashionable and trendy outlook. The GR5 2017 has been described by Mark Hemaobin the Huawei mobile country manager as being elegant.

The Huawei GR5 2017 has been launched to address the needs of loyal customers that demand for powerful smartphones which offer productivity, efficiency and an impeccable photography experience on a friendly budget. The current retail price of the GR52017 smartphone is KES 34,999.

Despite stiff competition, Mark Hemaobin reported that the company has continued to grow its local market share. He credited the firm’s consumer-centric approach that has focused on creating meaningful innovation as well as their commitment in building a premium brand while reinforcing retail channels.

This year Huawei is looking to strengthen their supply chains channels and services to ensure they get a good grip of the market not just locally but also globally. Huawei is determined to become a popular cultural and technical brand for consumers by building on its core competencies.

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