Nokia Reintroduces The Iconic Nokia 3310 And A Range of New Android Smart Phones

The new Nokia 3310. Image courtesy

If you thought you would never come across Nokia phones anywhere else in the world apart from a museum, you had better think again. For a long time since the onset of handsets in the telecommunication world Nokia ruled in the jungle of mobile phones, forget the numerous number of popular brands of mobile phones you know now, Nokia was the in thing in those days. Nokia was popular for the incredible captivating snake game and the long battery life, also the fact that that phone had like 99 lives. I remember those days when I would be clicking away at the buttons of my mother’s Nokia 3310. Those were the days.

We all thought those days were long gone, turns out they are not gone at all and it looks like we will not be coming across Nokia handsets in a museum shelf but in mobile phone stores across the world. Nokia is back. If you have grown tired of constantly having to change your phone because of having to constantly put up with malfunctioning phones, you are welcome; your prayers have been answered.

This month saw HMD global, home of Nokia phones, unveil a new era of Nokia smartphones in Spain, Barcelona. There recent debut to the mobile phone market again has seen them launch three new smart phones: Nokia 6, is one among the newly unveiled Nokia smartphones. It is said to be a high performance gadget with immersive entertainment in an elegant design. The new Nokia 6 has indeed lived up to the name that Nokia had left engraved in stone when it had temporarily exited the mobile phone market. It comes in an elegant bright design with a   5.5” full HD screen. A single block of 6000 series aluminum has been used to create the unibody of the Nokia 6. It has been termed as a product of great craftsmanship with incredible design. It assures consumers of a great entertainment experience with its smart audio amplifier that comes with dual speakers. The sound quality is impeccable which comes out with unmatched clarity and a deeper bass. This great master piece of a gadget will retail at Kshs25,034 and will come I three great colours; silver, tempered blue and copper.


Nokia 5. Image: Courtesy

Along with the Nokia 6, the Nokia 6 Arte Black Limited Edition was also unveiled. The phone boasts of a 64GB internal storage and a 4GB RAM that guarantees consumer top notch speeds in terms of efficiency. This special edition made out of a melange of the best features of the Nokia 6 family comes in a stunningly high gloss package and will retail globally at an average of Kshs 32,686.

Also among the newly unveiled Nokia smartphones is the new Nokia 5. It has also been engineered from a single block of a 6000 series aluminium. It has a perfect pillowed body with 5.2” IPS HD display screen. With the new Nokia 5 the manufacturing team has paid a lot of attention to the structural integrity while keenly paying attention to details. This beautiful piece of technology will retail at averagely Kshs 20,661.

Nokia 3 makes part of the newly launched lot. The frame is made of a well sculptured single piece of aluminium. The phone comes with an 8-megapixel wide aperture camera. The global average retail price of the new Nokia 3 will be Ksh. 15,195.


The new Nokia 3310. Image: Courtesy

But the best yet of the newly launched Nokia phones is the revamped version of the classic Nokia 3310. It has been described as the modern classic reborn of the Nokia 3310. It comes complete with the snake game Nokia was popularly known for. The newly made Nokia 3310 was revamped because it had been the bestselling Nokia handset. The global average retail price will be Ksh. 5,356.

It is expected that the newly launched Nokia phones will relieve the former glory of the past production of handsets. It is, however, good to see Nokia make a comeback in the now crowded mobile industry marred with a lot of counterfeit and substandard phones.

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