For Your Chance To Win Dinner For 2 At InterContinental’s Bhandini Restaurant Tell Me What You Love About India


The influence of India on our Kenyan culture is unmistakable. We have Indian foods, words that have made it into Kiswahili and also the Indian Community has been big in the business sector in many areas including technology and textiles. India is one of the oldest world civilisations and its influence has permeated societies all over the world. India has a rich history, culture and heritage.

So what do you love about India?

Is it the food? Easy to make Indian recipes from JP, Chef at Bhandini Restaurant


Indian food. Image from

The fashion?

Image from

The places to visit?  Incredible India – 10 reasons to visit


India has a lot to offer the curious tourist. From luxury holidays to budget holidays. Image from

The music?

Indian dance. Image from


The Movies?


Indian movie Dhoom. Image from


The affordable medical tourism? Medical Tourism And Treatment In India – What you need to know

Medical tourism. Image from

For your chance to win dinner for two at the Intercontinental Hotel’s Bhandini restaurant let me know what you love about India and you may be my lucky winner. I will announce the winner next Wednesday the 7th.


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  1. Hahaha i like it when Indians speak English. The accent is hilarious and intriguing to listen to. Makes me want to go Indian shops, restaurants(the spicy food is to die for) and Watch Mahabarat(When KBC and KTN used to air it).

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