Microsoft Launches Kaizala – A New App Designed To Stimulate Productivity In The Workplace


In today’s society, new productivity apps are fast encroaching on the traditional productivity space model that existed years ago. Why? Mobile phones are becoming increasingly accessible especially in developing countries and communication apps have become a main gateway into a user’s cognitive space. However, an increase in technology doesn’t necessarily mean productivity thus you find that even with the increase in communication apps, there is still a decrease in effective work being conducted, especially in the work place.

With this, Microsoft recently launched a new android application, Kaizala that is primarily mean to help people organize their businesses using a chat-based approach. This simple and secure mobile chat platform aims at driving productivity in the work place by going the extra mile and helping employees enhance their communication by bringing the customers partners, staff and customers in one place.

The app, whose features and capabilities were recently introduced to at NexTech 2017, which occurred early this month, was described by the app’s developer Rajiv Kumar, General Manager of Applications & Services Group (Office) at the Microsoft India Development Center as an app that provides an all rounded solution that will provide efficacy at the workplace and improve productivity; which is a main area of focus for Microsoft as a whole.

The app’s developer, Rajiv Kumar, General Manager of Applications & Services Group and Communications Manager, Microsoft WECA during the announcement. Photo: Courtesy

Kaizala’s unique propositions include:

Connects millions of users – unlike other apps that support fewer numbers, Kaizala supports large groups of millions of users. You can add groups to another group.

Custom actions for your organisation – it is capable of building custom actions and integrate with backend systems. One can manage bills on the move, assign and track the status of pending jobs and even request and share somebody’s availability on any future date hence making more efficient work to take place.

Ready- made actions for work – it is also capable of broadcasting to and gathering information from millions of users instantly via polls or surveys.

Connected to Office 365 – the fact that it’s connected to Office 365 means that it is not only safe & secure for an entire organisations files, it is also accessible anywhere at any time for the users in your organisation. Kaizala enables bringing the amazing power of Azure cloud through a simple app on your phone.

The app, which has been tried in other markets, has the ability to improve communication at the government level, for businesses and in schools. With Kaizala, government institutions are able to offer real time governance through improved response times with real time coordination and also enhance citizen participation in government decisions and polls. Further, the app enables citizens to connect with key government arms to further enhance accountability and open access to information.

For businesses, the app boosts productivity through easy delegation of tasks and enhanced tracking capabilities, it further provides a unified value chain through extended collaboration to external partners and vendors. The app will also enhance education through enhanced digitalized tests and notes. It will also provide an opportunity for students and teachers to connect easily, and optimize school time.

Kaizala helps you get your work done by tracking bills, jobs, location and much more – and, it’s as simple as chat.  Whether you are on the run, your work keeps you mobile or you work out of an office – stay on top of things that matter the most to you, your team and your business – manage your day-to-day business on chat. With Kaizala, bring all your communication – within your team, with partners and customers – to one place:

  • Track your resources (people, time, and money) – as simple as sending an ‘action’ in your chat
  • Organize your team as you want – in one chat or start a new chat for each project/team
  • Get work done by extracting value from your conversations

Kaizala is your go-to app to get things done.

Announcement – Make key announcements or share updates

Job – Assign jobs to people and track completion status

Let’s Meet – Invite people to meetings and confirm their availability status

Photo with Location – Share a picture with your current location

Quick Poll – Ask a question and get people’s opinion

Request Location – Request people to share their location

Share Location – Share your location with others

Survey – Ask a series of questions and get people’s opinions


The app lets you:

  • Send text messages, voice messages and attachments to your contacts and groups
  • Use Kaizala Actions like Job, Poll or Survey to simplify your work
  • Add groups to existing groups to communicate within large teams and organizations
  • Discover more Kaizala Actions for your needs


The app is available for download here for review and feedback ahead of the official release in the market.

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