8 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Travels


Women are now travelling more than they ever have before, and the number of single lady travellers has also increased over time. It is now quite cool to be a solo traveller. Travelling has become part of the millennials lifestyle. That is why you should date a girl who travels.  No, I’m not talking about the ladies who prefer hanging out at fancy beach resorts. They are tourists while travelling and that is quite a different thing. I want to outline the advantages of dating a woman who constantly searches for new experiences to satisfy her wanderlust, a woman looking to go off the beaten path to experience new ideas, cultures, food, people etc.


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1. She is always open-minded about new adventures

So to travel means to have bigger goals than just visiting “the top 10 must-see spots”. A traveller is one who mingles with locals, immerses in different cultures and tolerates many things other people might judge to be unacceptable. Hence, a girl who travels is right for you if you wish to overcome the inertia of thinking. You’ll never get bored by her side!

2. She collects experience whenever and wherever

Curiosity is a distinctive feature of human nature – we never cease to learn something new. Passion for discoveries pushes us to travel around the globe and encounter diverse challenges. A woman who lives this way tends to learn from her mistakes or triumphs so she has a worldview that is not narrow, but that is quite broad.

3. She is interested in the experiences not necessarily the luxury

It’s not so easy to abandon one’s life routine and become a world traveller; you have to ready yourself to accept everything this way of life brings. So a girl who’s made such a choice understands her needs clearly and doesn’t long for unnecessary luxurious stuff. She prefers keeping it all simple. Well everybody loves the good things and luxury is a bonus, but she chases the experience and memories, but if there is a chance to live it up she won’t mind but that’s not what it is about.

4. She doesn’t look at you at face value 

Another great perk of dating a girl like this is that you don’t have to impress her with expensive gifts, luxurious clothing or gourmet delights although those are awesome too. She wants to know more about you are developing yourself. Travelling with her is a great way for you to discover if you are compatible.


A solo female traveler having a good time. Image from http://www.inspiredwomen.co.za/traveling-abroad-for-women-solo-at-heart/

5. Because of her travels, she is able to deal well with anything that comes her way

Are ladies who travel masculine and feminist? That is a misconception. Even if you have a plan, your trip won’t run flawlessly due to a myriad of factors – so a girl who travels should be able to handle issues on her own. She has to be a strong woman to do that.

6. Her mind capabilities are likely impressive

As obvious as it may seem, travellers are mostly smart and flexible as they have to adapt to various life conditions. It is natural for a travelling girl to regularly switch jobs or volunteer and feel safe without having a source of stable income. She knows how to spend less and obtain more.

7. She has a wide circle of interests

You can instantly recognise a person who travels a lot by the magnetism he/she displays. You might know this girl for a long time yet she continues to amaze you again and again. She has probably tried different hobbies and activities. Moreover, she is open to new experiences and she takes everything life offers – and you are free to join her.

8. She’s independent and self-assured

What is it like to be in a relationship with a traveller? I heard stories of a few women who realised they could live happily as singles. Sounds weird but on the other hand, this indicates one’s readiness to create a harmonious couple. Don’t expect such a lady to date you merely because she feels lonely: she will do it only because she really likes you and because you are indeed special.

Ladies who travel have a passion for life and are willing to try new things in summary. It is fully possible to build happy relationships with them but only if you are ready to work on it and grow together with your lover. So it’s you to decide whether that girl who travels is the right woman for you, she will take you by the hand and take you on an adventure.

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