7 Characters You’ll Definitely Find In A Kenyan WhatsApp Group


Thank God for WhatsApp right? The fact that it’s almost everyone’s go-to chat option makes it very convenient for guys to communicate in a very efficient and low-cost way. From family chats to reunion groups to those Harambee and wedding planning committees that you just find yourself in, here are the 7 people you’re bound to find:


Whatsapp groups. Image from http://www.bgr.in/news/you-can-now-disable-the-blue-ticks-on-whatsapp-heres-how-to-do-it/

1. The forward this to ten people kinda people.

We’ve all been in situations where you want to get inside your phone to the other side and slap these guys silly. You know, those “Send this to four people and see what happens afterwards.” Who comes up with these messages anyway? And why do people who would know better keep on spreading these messages?

2. The always online group

These guys are always online. If not, you’ll notice that their last seen was a minute ago. Whether it’s 2 am or 6 in the morning, you’ll always find them online. What do you guys talk about all that time?

3. The Memers

These are the guys who either randomly send memes, videos or pictures irrelevant to the group or conversation or just wait for the most awkward of moments to throw in that meme that was literally itching for them to send.

4. The guys who never talk

I personally fall into this category. I just see no point of contributing to almost every topic in the over 50 groups I’m supposedly in. I’m like that chic in the bar who purposely wants to sit alone until I bump into someone whose conversation actually interests me.

5. Those that just go on and on

This mostly happens in family group chats. The fact that relatives who haven’t seen each other in forever sometimes over-excites them and they just won’t stop talking. They’ll always want to keep the conversation going at any cost.


6. The ones who repost without thinking

These are the ones who spread false news. They don’t critically think about stuff they have been sent before reposting which is dangerous because they can spread news that can cause panic.

7. The Oops Sorry About That guys

They end up posting messages or photos meant for somebody else in the group. Which can be very embarrassing for the person or for all concerned. Remember Brother Ocholla?

What types of people are in your WhatsApp groups?

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