#MyHennessy – Pairing Hennessy’s Master Heritage With An Amazing Culinary Experience


One of the things you would expect when you hear that Hennessy is being served is sophistication or luxury; basically the presence of the Cognac at any given place represents a fine tasting experience and a chance to explore some of the finer things in life.

Understanding the basic guidelines of enjoying Cognac is the secret to an incredible journey of food and cognac pairings.  I experienced the sampling of one of the world’s most celebrated drinks, Hennessy, paired with some great food and I was introduced to a whole new world of flavor.


Hennessy is one of the most successful and innovative Cognac companies around the world. Dating back to 1765, it remains a celebrated accompaniment to parties, gatherings and dinners and we had the chance of attending an incredible dinner pairing fine dishes with beautiful Hennessy Cognacs.

Led by the expert knowledge of Hennessy’s Marketing Manager Alexander Helaine and Brand Development Director Laurent Dominguez, we sampled three cognacs, each known for their distinct personalities and flavors paired with dishes selected and prepared by the chefs at the Intercontinental Hotel.

It was an intimate setting that started out with cocktails being served & conversations between friends, acquaintances and strangers filling up the room before being led to a lavish sit down with soft music playing in the background. You definitely know it’s going to be a good evening when there are three fine gentlemen teasing the atmosphere with some soft jazz music playing.

The Pairings

We started off with a steam-cooked lobster with an infusion of dried fruits that was paired with a Hennessey VS.

The VS (Very Special) is a versatile blend of Cognac which is either served neat or in a cocktail. The VS which already has its own burst of flavors, brought out the delicate flavors of the lobster. It gave a vigorous yet subtle taste with an excellent balance between the new wood it is stored in and the infusion of fruits that complemented the lobster.



Next, we had a Consommé of chicken with leek and ginger paired with a glass of Hennessy VSOP. The VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) is quite the character with a subtle gold color and a delicate smoothness. The combination of the VSOP and the well-done chicken, which was my favorite dish, gave a sumptuous burst of flavor.


Our third dish, the Seared fillet of cumin spice beef in a rich pepper jus, pan fried Shitake was quite the interesting dish. Together with the VSOP, the Cognac seemed to cut straight through the fat, balancing out the delicate touch of cumin on the beef to give it just the right delicate taste in my mouth.



For dessert, we had a coffee tiramisu. I absolutely loved the presentation of my platter and the smooth complex Hennessy XO (Extra Old) had a long-lasting explosion of flavor in my mouth. Everyone on the dinner table seemed to really brighten up when we all had the first bite of the dessert and it was obvious from the richness of the XO that went together really well with the dark richness of the tiramisu prepared.


The #MyHennessy experience was a beautiful testament of how this legendary drink should be explored in order to honor the timeless beverage – with a culinary team that serves you dishes that are nothing short of amazing, jazz music to help you really savor the moment and a room full of people who understand the brilliance that only comes from the heritage of Hennessy.


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