Fashion: How To Wear Leggings Absolutely Everywhere

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You Might Be Styling Your Leggings In The Wrong Way.

Forget the Little Black Dress, leggings have become the style staple that every woman needs to have in their wardrobe. They are versatile, allowing you to easily transition between looks, they flatter almost every body type and they are small enough to squeeze into your handbag should you need a quick change.


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So how do you make sure that you always look effortlessly chic in your leggings?

First, the basics. The top that you choose to wear should always be long enough to cover your buttocks. This will create a flattering silhouette. Leggings can be very unforgiving, exposing the lumps and bumps on your body and because they are skin tight and usually made of very light material, the jiggle in your behind when you walk will definitely be emphasised. To spare yourself from that type of uncomfortable situation, go long on the top.

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Layering and leggings are a match made in heaven. Pairing your leggings with a light, flowy blouse a cropped structured jacket will make you look like you came straight out of the pages of a Vogue Magazine spread oozing nothing but style.

Depending on your body type, it would be advisable to go easy on the patterns on your leggings. If you’re tall and slender, then you get away with pretty much anything, from the outrageous to the subtle. However, if you tend to be fuller at the bottom, then a crazy pattern will be disastrous. Opt for more nuanced patterns which add detail to your look without being over the top.

Shoes can make or break an outfit. The good thing about leggings is that they are a no fuss garment and any type of shoe goes depending on your outfit. Keep in mind, for shorter girls, some type of heel will help give you the illusion of long and endless legs which is always a good thing.


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If the fit isn’t right, leave it. Unlike most store bought clothes which you can settle for the best fit then make adjustments later, leggings don’t not allow you that option. A guide to understanding how well your leggings fit is that they should end abruptly at your ankle and there should be no loose fabric as this is what makes it bunch up giving you a very unflattering look. Comfort and style are not mutually exclusive so you shouldn’t try and sacrifice one for the other during your shopping trips.

The more opaque the fabric on your leggings, the better. No one wants to see the colour of your underwear.

Invest in proper underwear. By proper, a seamless panty or a thong will keep those panty lines at bay and keep you looking amazing all day.

Leggings should not be a substitute for pants. They are meant to be worn underneath, loose skirts or tunics or long and breezy shirts. If the leggings bug has bit you and you are ready to ditch your jeans for them, then consider jeggings which are a cross between leggings and jeans, giving you the comfort and breathing room of a pair of leggings with the sturdiness of a pair of jeans.

For more styling options such as incorporating leggings into your office attire or transitioning from a day to a night look, check out this page and keep slaying in your leggings.

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