Escape Within The City: 3 Places You Should Check Out

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Sun, sand, perfect blue skies and palm trees swaying in the wind may be what you fancy at the moment or maybe it’s the dust, sun and wild animals that take your breath away. Or perhaps even the icy caps and cold black rocks that stir up the adventurer within you. Well, whatever you love, you have every right to enjoy it, but it’s that time of the year when your bank account doesn’t exactly agree with your yearnings. Fret not, here are a few getaways within and pretty close the city that you can sneak away to ease your frustrations. Sidebar: some of these actually make pretty good date places.

1. Psycho 60: Escape Room

As described on their website, Psycho 60 Escape Room Nairobi is an interactive and immersive experience designed for a small group of people who in order to solve challenging puzzles, crack codes, decode messages, find hidden items have to work together as a team. All this has to be done within the span of 60 minutes. Situated along Argwings Kodhek Groove and open 7 days a week the escape room is perfect for kids, dates and even the whole family, with one session setting you back 800/- per person on weekdays and just 1000/- per person on weekends. So what better way to blow off steam than to solve a few puzzles with a loved one?

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2. Paintball Fury

If you’re really looking to stir things up, get your blood boiling then Paintball Fury is the ideal place. With locations in Purdy Arms, Karen and Langata among others around the country, Paintball Fury offers 1 and a half hours play time where you basically get to play soldier with none of the gore of course. The experience will only set you back 800kshs. A reasonable amount for such fun. For this price, you also get; Safety Goggles, Semi-automatic paintball marker, a back and chest protector for kids and adults. And at the end of the day, victors are awarded too.

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3. Solar Ice Rink, Panari

For those who are lighter on their feet and like a much more calm and relaxed way of taking their mind off the hassle of the city, skating is a grand idea. Plus what better way to beat this unbearable heat than to glide on ice with a loved one right beside you. One of the places you can do this is at the Panari Hotel. The ice rink is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel and the skating rates are very low with children of up to 14 years bring charged Kshs.700 and Kshs.900 for all ages groups 15 years and older per 60 minutes inclusive of the skating boots. The rink opens at 11 am with one hour sessions with breaks of one hour in between. For those who fancy a bit of sport, there’s Ice hockey on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

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So there you have it, just because the month has you landlocked in the city, doesn’t mean you can’t go out and let loose a bit. For more information concerning the destinations, visits their individual sites.

Have any destinations you feel should be included in this list? Please share them with us.

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