Review: Bambi Off Jidenna’s New Album “Chief”


Classic Man was the club hit that threw the American-Nigerian singer Jidenna into the limelight. That was 2015, and since then he has worked on quite a few great projects. The other day I bumped into Bambi on the web, Bambi one of the new sounds that Jidenna whipped up from his new album Chief. His new album Chief was released on the 17 of February 2017. The new album features artist from the same label as the American hiphop artist, some of these artists include; Janelle Monae, St. Beauty, Nana Kwabena and Roman GianArthur.

The track listing includes; A Bulls Tail, Chief don’t run, trampolineBambi and ten others songs. Bambi, however, has got to be everyone’s favourite. In less than a week Bambi had more than a million plus views on YouTube.

Jidenna has always been about all things classic this has especially been manifested in his dressing, Bambi has to be his best song with a real touch of his classic nature. The song has a 50’s sort of melody to it that draws you into it. The song has simply defied categorization, the vocal styling has a touch of reggae and hip-hop feel to it.

The video storyline backs up the message of the song. It starts with Jidenna seated at a park on the wedding day of his former lover, Bambi. He had been drinking and so he takes off towards the church hoping to get back the love of his life. His plans are however thwarted by those at the wedding. Jidenna proved his acting skills worthy in the scene where he gets to the church drunk screaming Bambi’s name in a futile effort to win her back. One actually gets carried away with the emotional state of a man desperately trying to win back the love of his life on her wedding day.

The song is a clear indicator of the great craftsmanship that it took to write the artistic yet witty lyrics. The song goes at a slow tempo that will leave you swaying slowly to the tune. The music sounds like a bedtime song since the storyline also sounds like something you would read a child right before bed time. It, however, keeps you awake and thinking. The song will really stir your emotions and sway your body to the soft beats, but one thing is clear, Jidenna put in a lot of work to put the song together.

Bambi has got to be one of the best songs and solo acts by Jidenna. Africans will especially resonate with the song because it sounds like a zilizopendwa fusion. If you have not had the chance to watch and listen to this great piece of music, check it out here.

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Onduu Oluoch is a writer, poet and human rights activist obsessed with being black and African. He is currently a student pursuing linguistics media and communication at Moi University. He is an ardent reader of African literature and believes the whole point of life is being part of a good story.