Signature Style: 5 Things Every Man Should Have


Any man worth their salt knows that at some point in their lives they have to find that which uniquely identifies them. They have to find something that precedes them even before they enter a room. A signature of sorts or an extension of their personality if you please.

This could range from a haircut to shoes to cologne or even a type of accessory, but the bottom-line is that a man needs to have his unique identifier. Take James Bond, for instance, he has his sleek Aston Martin’s and his ‘shaken not stirred’ martinis or Tony Stark with his signature beard.

In this light, we have made a list of 5 signature ‘things’ a man should consider.

Signature Cologne

Everyone likes a nice smelling human. It’s as uncomplicated and primal as that. I am not just talking about attracting the opposite sex. No one likes a person who reeks of sweat and struggle, so grab yourself a bottle of good cologne and we promise you will thank us for it. Also make sure it’s the good kind, not the kind that will make people choke when you walk by. The goal is to smell fresh, not like you’ve just been fumigated.

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Signature Drink

Are you a whiskey or a vodka man? It is as black and white as that. Each drink says something different about its drinker, but that’s a story for another day yes? If you like to colour outside of the lines, with a cocktail or even beer then have one that you can slide over to the counter and confidently tell the barkeep, “the usual”.


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Signature Shoes

Are you a dress boot or oxfords kind of guy or a trainer kind of guy? Now although you can wear all at different times, which one do you feel at home in the most? Which one speaks to your inner man so to speak? While this is not a set in stone standard of reference, it should help you get started on deciding if you don’t already know which makes your feet happy.

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Signature Joint Aka Your Local

A man needs his space, like every other sane human being. Maybe you are having one of those caveman moments or you’ve simply had a bad day and you want to unwind and take a breather. You need a place where both food and drink are at arm’s length. A place where the ambience is cool and where the only thing on the menu is not alcohol and loud music.


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Signature Style

Good style is eternal. It’s what people remember after fashion trends come and fade. So in true gentleman fashion, we’d like our memories to live way beyond our years; a legacy of sorts. So ask yourself this- what makes you stand out; is it a double-breast suit, with monk straps; you know dapper or a lumberjack shirt, jeans and boots; rough around the edges? So whichever it is, make sure it’s your true signature.

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