7 Tricks For Keeping Yourself Hydrated Every Day

Fruit infused water. Image from https://laurenconrad.com/blog/2013/08/sipping-pretty-fruit-herb-flavored-infused-water-recipes-allison-norton-august-2013/

Water is one of the most important things to take every day, yet most of us only take water after a meal or a few sips here and there with the current heat wave being experienced in the country. But even so, most of us still aren’t taking enough and honestly, as much as drinking up to 2 litres (8 cups) a day seems really hard as compared to drowning a whole bottle (or two) of wine, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some 7 easy tricks to get you to drink more water every day

  1. Set a specific goal for each day

All great accomplishments began with a decision to start. Start small and work your way up until the act of drinking water is injected into your system.

  1. Put it on your schedule and follow it

Just the same way you have a morning routine, a workout schedule and an evening routine, make drinking water a part of that schedule. Make it important and follow through it, for example having a glass of water immediately you wake up and before going to bed.

  1. Buy a really cool water bottle and mark with deadlines

Buy one that’s in your favourite colour and put stickers if you want on it; make it yours. Then, mark it with deadlines of the time you have in a day and make sure you finish it. If possible, re-fill it.

How to mark your water bottle. Image from http://jewelpie.com/sure-way-to-get-8-glasses-of-water-diy-water-bottle-marked-with-time/
  1. Add fruits, herbs or vegetables

Jazz your drink up a little by adding fruits like strawberries and oranges, veggies like cucumber and herbs like mint.

Fruit infused water. Image from http://www.iheartnaptime.net/fruit-infused-water/
  1. Use an app

Track your water intake progress using apps like Water Drink reminder.

  1. Use a straw

Using a straw makes you drink more water faster. Try it!

  1. Eat more water-infused foods and fruits

Take advantage of the abundance of fruit season in Nairobi and eat more watermelons, pineapples and mangoes. Plus they’re also really good in keeping your skin supple!

Image from www.fauziaskitchenfun.com

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