Things You Can Only Hear Or Find At Functions In Shagz


One of the things in life which we have no choice over is our relatives. We get stuck with them for better or worse but they are family and family sticks with you. With our hectic schedules, guys from Nairobi are only seen in shagz when something happens, especially a funeral or during the holidays and during this time, the best and the worst of people tends to come out.

Some of the behaviours we tend to witness whenever we visit our relatives are:

  1. ‘Soda ni za watu wa Nairobi’

Sodas, chapatis, kuku and the toilets are regarded as ‘vitu za watu wa Nairobi’ when there is a big function. Woe unto you if you try touching or using any of these things and you’re not from Nairobi.

  1. Kids from Nairobi look clueless, all the time

The look that kids from the city have whenever they step in shagz is priceless! The way they look at the people, the way they smell the food, make weird faces and say they’re on a diet & the way they cringe when they see the pit latrines is actually a scenario that should be documented.

  1. They expect you to rain money on them

Guys from the village have this unending perception that their relatives from the city are filthy rich and I have no idea why. I know that there’s a certain aura that has been placed on us but the struggle is real everywhere and sometimes the guys in shagz are in better positions than us.

So whenever you step into the village, you’re expected to help out everywhere. You’re expected to dish out money and when you don’t, they say the city has changed you and you no longer love your relatives.

  1. Everything a person from Nairobi comes with is a treasure

This includes the snacks and sodas you came with on the way there. Kids literally fight over the packet of biscuits/cookies and bottles of sodas that you had come with.

  1. The udaku at these functions is one of a kind

Relatives give endless stories. They don’t really care about the fact that you’re exhausted from the trip, mosquitoes are all over you and it’s almost 11 PM, their stories are never-ending. These stories consist of the uncle who doesn’t stop drinking and beating up his wife, a long list of dead relatives you’ve never heard of and that piece of land that keeps being fought over by everyone.

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