Cars 3 To Be Released In Theatres Soon With Star Voices Like Kerry Washington


If you are an animefreak, Cars was a big deal and so was Cars 2. Well, Cars 3 is here and like the rumour clearly suggested, Cars 3 is bigger and better. Directed by Brian Fee the movie will be nothing short of an epic sequel to the equally epic original Cars and Cars 2. I have only seen the trailer and it looks good. June will officially see the film released in theatres.

Our worlds change continuously, sometimes we find ourselves unknowingly overtaken with this wave of change. Keeping up with an ever changing world can prove daunting. Lightning McQueen, the star in all the cars series animation finds himself at the mercy of change that caught him unawares. McQueen in new cars series finds himself blindsided by a new generation superfast cars. Because he is unable to keep with the fast changing world of racing, he finds himself pushed out of a game he loves.

To stay relevant in a first changing racing scene, McQueen meets an eager young race technician, Cruz, a Hispanic female race car who helps McQueen get back to his feet. Cruz is faced with the dilemma of figuring out how the old lightning McQueen can learn some new tricks to help him survive in the new high tech world of racing. The yellow Cruz Ramirez is a living embodiment of the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet in Cars.


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McQueen faces new rivals, rookies in the new high tech race scene. Jack Storm, the face of the rookies gives McQueen a run for his money. McQueen has to master new techniques with the help of his new found race technician, Cruz.

Cars 3 will feature some of the old timers from the original’s radiator springs in cars and cars 2. These will include tow-truck mater, McQueen’s girlfriend Sally Carrera and the autobody’s owner Ramone. The movie will be a tribute to the actual American racing scene. The story will be set in America, it is expected that the movie will hit on historical race sites throughout America. It will be quite a treat for race lovers and old time racers.

The Disney produced movie will feature Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen, the new character Cruz Ramirez will be played by Cristela Alonzo while Jackson Storm, the new antagonist will be played by Armie Hammer. Kelly Washington will be a red sports car named Natalie Certain.

“She is a super-smarty-pants statistician. She reminds of a statistical analyst on cable news or SportsCenter,” she tells PEOPLE. “She knows everything there is to know about the ins and outs of statistics when it comes to racing.”

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Read about the rest of the cast here.

Plans are underway to develop a game for the film. Going by the trailers released so far by the production team, Cars 3 will knock your socks off.

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