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World Health Organization (WHO) recently published a report dubbed depression and other common mental disorders, global health estimates. According to the report, a total of 1.9 million Kenyans were reported to be depressed. More shockingly it was reported that depression was the major killer among the youth of between the ages of 15 to 29. There are a number of causes that lead to depression, this causes vary from individual to individual depending on age, sex and other factors like trauma or mental illness.

Among the youth, the main causes of depression have been unemployment, failure to pass examinations despite high expectations from different quarters and use of drugs. On the other hand adults above the age of 29 have been caught in the wave of depression due to poverty, marital issues such as impotency, like with the case of Jackline Mwende and finances.

Depression makes people unable to achieve what they ought to or had planned to because it drains people of energy, hope and drive. It bars people from reaching their full potential. It is the frustrations of being unable to achieve and this state of hopelessness that drives people up the wall that they end up doing things they would have otherwise not done. The repercussions of depression have been increased cases of homicide, domestic violence, suicide and other antisocial disorders.

Dealing with depression is not easy and even more difficult is dealing with a severe case of depression. We cannot overlook the need to engage professional help like therapy sessions in order to cope better with depression. What we need to understand is that dealing with depression is not an instant thing sometimes it is the battle of a lifetime. The following are ways to help you cope better with minor depression.

Do not keep to yourself. When people are depressed they tend to recede into personal cocoons of worry by keeping to themselves and avoiding contact with people as much as possible. It is best advised that during such times people should strive to spend a lot more time with close family members and friends. Share what is going on with the people around you, don’t isolate yourself.

Become more active physically. When one is depressed they tend to be lifeless and dormant, the less active you are physically, the more active you become mentally. By being less active physically one exposes themselves to the unnecessary psychological torture of constantly thinking about their problems. It is during such time that you want to engage yourself in rigorous activities that engage your body more than the mind. Go dance with your friends, take a walk or ride a bike.

Do things that make you feel good. It is during such times that you can engage in things that make you happy. You are allowed to engage in the guilty pleasures that are not harmful to your body but do not overindulge. If ice cream and wine with your girls get you by, so be it. You want to engage in a lot of things that can sustain a smile and a feeling of positivity every chance you get especially during those periods you are depressed.

Boost your mood. Did you know that omega 3 fats play a very vital role in boosting one’s moods? There are however natural ways of boosting your moods. Get a goodnight’s rest so that you are well-rested and not moody in the morning there are other ways to boost your moods here.

Eat healthier foods. There are foods that adversely affect the brain and mood such as alcohol consumption, caffeine and generally foods with high-level chemical preservatives and hormones. Make sure you do not skip meals, it’s been said a hungry man is an angry man. When you are hungry you become easily irritable and fatigued.

Bask in the sun; sunlight increases one’s serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain that controls brains cells activities including cells that are related to mood, sexual desire and function, appetite, sleep and learning among others. Health: Benefits And Sources Of Vitamin D

Finally, it is important to get professional help especially if it becomes difficult dealing with the problem yourself. Depression can be managed through therapy or drugs.

Professionals are better placed to write a medical prescription that will help in dealing with chronic depression such as antidepressant medication. Seeking professional help is not a sign of weakness.  You will need all the help you can to cope with depression even if it means bringing out the big guns of seeking professional help. 6 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Therapy Sessions

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