Sarova Stanley Launches New Menu For The Exchange Bar


It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, going by that logic Sarova Stanley must be have a boulevard to my heart. Food is a representation of who we are as a people after all they say you are what you eat. Food is no doubt an art and hence an integral part of our cultures. We do not simply enjoy sumptuous meals just because they are delicious but because it is life sustaining.

Life is however largely not about simply surviving; keeping alive and healthy. Happiness remains something that all human beings have continued to seek all over the world. It would be hard to think of happiness without thinking of good food in the picture. Special foods and special drinks have all over the world been associated with parties. Good meals therefore constitute good times. We attach fond memories to food and that is why whenever we chose to celebrate a particular achievement, anniversaries or birthday parties we have food to go with it.

Sarova Stanley has over the years lived up to the name of a hotel worth its salt. World class chefs within the walls of their kitchens have continued to make finger leaking meals that tickle your taste buds. It is their undisputed prowess in the field of culinary science that has kept their doors open. To ensure that they remain your destination of choice for good meals and good times, last week saw Sarova Stanley launch a new menu to add into their already vast list of delicious meals.


The new additions include; the confit duck samosa, stuffed chicken wings, glazed chicken drumsticks, chopped veggies with sweet tangy red pepper and tofu sauce, veggie slider with garlic aioli, twice cooked pork belly, aubergine and zucchini money bags, sausages with pretzel and fritto misto. I got an opportunity to sample a few.


The confit duck samosa is basically samosa stuffed with duck meat. The food not only tastes great, it also stirs emotions. It is the kind of food that throws you in deep thought because it tastes like a slice of heaven.

Also new on the menu is stuffed chicken wings. The chicken wings come dipped in sweet tofu sauce. The brown almost golden colour of the stuffed wings is inviting with a very delicious aroma. Besides colour and smell, when the chicken flesh finally meets the tongue one can almost swear to have gotten a taste of divinity.

My favourite on the new menu is, however, the twice cooked pork belly. The pork was the softest meat I have ever tasted. I could not help closing my eyes while I chewed on it. Delicious would be an understatement because I did not simply taste it, I felt it.

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