Looking For A Job? Social Media Can Help You Land That Dream Job


Making the job search easier

It may seem difficult to get a job in Kenya with the youth unemployment rate at 35%. Nevertheless, do not be discouraged, there are plenty of people hiring and finding these people has become a lot easier with the internet. Gone are the days when you would have to comb the newspaper classifieds to find a job. Although this is still very useful there are plenty of other places where you can find a job. Here are a few places where you can find your future job.


There are two ways to find a job on LinkedIn. The first is through your connections. If you identify a company that you would like to work for, search for the company using LinkedIn. On the company’s LinkedIn profile you will be able to see the people who work there and LinkedIn will notify you whether any of your connections work there. You may find that someone you went to school with either in High School, University or College or someone you worked with previously now works in that company. You can easily contact the person and find out if they are hiring and what you would need to do to get a job there.

Secondly LinkedIn allows you to search for jobs on their platform. All you have to do is type in the job title and they will generate all job vacancies with that job Title. LinkedIn even goes as far as recommending jobs for you based on your profile and searches.


Through #IkoKaziKe Kenyans are helping each other find jobs. All you have to do is search for #IkoKaziKe and a host of job advertisements posted by various people will appear. The jobs vary from entry level jobs to jobs that require a few years’ experience.

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There is a channel with the title Iko Kazi KE where jobs are posted as soon as they are received. Jobs are posted here almost daily. They post links to jobs and internships within Kenya. The link to the channel is http://telegram.me/ikokazi .

Job Web Kenya

Their website is Jobwebkenya.com. The website allows employers to post jobs and advertises them on the site. You will be able to find detailed descriptions of the job together with information on how to apply and where to apply for the jobs.

The Notice Board KE

They have a website, twitter page and Facebook. Here you can find details on a variation of jobs from accounting jobs to a boiler operator to ICT Manager.

The internet has made searching for a job a lot easier. It is important to apply for as many jobs as possible until you find a place where you fit in. However, please be cautious when applying for the jobs. Most of these places do not verify the authenticity of the jobs that they post. It is up to you to do your research before you go for any interview and ensure that the company actually exists and the position is open. Also if any company asks you to pay a fee for an interview run away as fast as your legs can carry you.

All the best in your job search!

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