‘Rosella’ By H_Art The Band & Lady Jay Dee Will Tug At Your Heartstrings


The song Rosella by H_art the band and featuring Lady Jay Dee starts off with a short spoken word piece over a guitar solo by Wachira Gatama, resident poet of the trio. From the word go, the song gives a chill and laid back vibe. Don’t be fooled by the chilled out tunes though, the song lyrics are laden with emotion. Mordecai Mwinyi of starts off the first verse recounting what seemed to be an intense love affair with an unknown love interest. His lyrics are complimented by shots of Lady Jay Dee being serenaded on a staircase by Kenneth Muya.

The chorus and bridge chimes in the vocals of the band members and those of Lady Jay Dee to create a beautiful harmony which runs throughout the song.

True to their signature style, the band has a spoken word verse performed by Wachira Gatama. It is this unique addition into their songs that made the band popular after their debut hit song, Uliza Kiatu.

Tanzanian songstress, Lady Jay Dee does not disappoint and sings the second verse with the smooth and lulling vocals that she has become known for in the region.

The song was released in two versions, an acoustic and a club version. The acoustic version was released by Lady Jay Dee while the club version was released by H_art the Band.

Both versions were produced by Martin Gwandho and co-produced by Gituamba. The music video was directed by Kevin Black JNR. Other worthy mentions include Bensoul who was the bassist and Alex the Drum Doctor.

The visuals accompanying the song are of high quality and take us through the story of the love affair described by each singer in the verses.

Both Lady Jay Dee and H_art the Band are formidable artists in their own right. Lady Jay Dee has been in the industry a lot longer, carving her way into our hearts with her soothing tunes and numerous collaborations with industry big names such as Salif Keita over the length of her career. The genres of music that she performs are RnB, Zouk and Afropop.

H_art the Band, have been in the mainstream music industry for a shorter time but have shot straight through to the top of the charts. Their lyrics and poetry are clever and relatable and sometimes even humorous. They have produced several hits such as Love phobic and Nikikutazama which is just ten thousand views shy of reaching the million mark.

This collaboration is a sure hit just two days after the video was published on YouTube and it already is the second most trending music video in Kenya. The song is available on music platforms such as iTunes.

You can follow both artists on social media to keep abreast of their new releases and performances.

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