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My favorite thing to do these days is listening to podcasts while I am doing chores around the house or cooking. I used to listen to mostly American podcasts but I recently discovered that there are a few Kenyans who are also doing podcasts that are actually very interesting. Below are a few interesting podcasts that I found.

Unverified podcast

Hosted by Calvin and Brenda. The podcast takes a look at the events of the week. The podcast has a very mature tone and it is very informative. The stories are rather unique and you can learn a thing or two.  I really enjoy the podcast because they ask important questions and they also try and do a little research before they come on the show. You can find the podcast here.


The podcast is hosted by @nomusajune & @adedanaashebir. This is a lifestyle and culture podcast that focuses on the African diaspora experience. The hosts are really fun and bubbly. Their energy really comes out and can be infectious. The podcast may be difficult to identify with if you are not part of the Kenyan diaspora but it’s always good to know how the other half lives. You can listen to Africanah at https://soundcloud.com/afracanah.

The spread podcast

The show is hosted by Nini Wacera and Karen Kaz Lucas. It is described as a sex positive podcast. There has been a lot of controversy around the podcast Ezekiel Mutua called it a ‘lesbian show’ and insisted that the show was indecent which lead to the ‘What’s Good Network’ dropping it. However, I think the ladies still kept going and you can find the podcast at https://soundcloud.com/karenkazlucas/sets/the-spread-a-sex-positive.

2 Girls & a Pod

This podcast is hosted by Beverly Ochieng’ and Nyambura Mutanyi. The focus of the podcast is literature. The hosts will introduce you to new books and they have great conversations about mostly African writers and African readers. There are plenty of books I had no idea about that I learnt about while listening to the podcast. To listen to 2 Girls & a pod go to https://soundcloud.com/2girlsandapod.

She shapes the city

If you are looking for inspiration then this is the podcast for you. This is a podcast series featuring 12 women from Nairobi. Kenya. The podcast collects the stories of different women who are trying to make a difference by solving the challenges that are prevalent in their communities. You can listen to the podcast at https://soundcloud.com/she-shapes-the-city.


Otherwise? is a clever podcast that discusses politics and the state of the nation. The show is hosted by Brenda Wambui.  She has all her facts right and she will teach you a few things. If you enjoy a good rational conversation about politics then this is the podcast for you.  You can find it here and it is now also on SoundCloud find it here https://soundcloud.com/otherwisepodcast.

The BenchWarmerz

The podcast is hosted by Lavin and Jazz. They discuss everything sports and they have a great sense of humor which will have you in stitches. If sports are your thing you need to check this out. You can find the podcast here https://soundcloud.com/the-benchwarmerz.

Queer Questions

The hosts answer questions from fans. The hosts @immahreid and @oluoch are not shy at all and are ready to answer any question about gay, lesbian and queer people. You can find episodes of Queer Questions at https://soundcloud.com/queer-questions.

Many of these podcast started well but have become infrequent. This is probably because they do not get enough listeners and fans to keep going. Please go look for these podcast on iTunes or Sound cloud at least one of them will appeal to you. If you know any other great podcasts that I have not mentioned here please comment below.

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