Traveling With Your Boss: 7 Things You Should Take Note Of


Traveling with your boss/superior can be a make or break experience and work trips mean days of quality time with the very person you want to impress the most. As much as such trips can be stressful, they also provide a helpful career opportunity and it’s important to make the most out of these trips without messing it up. Here are a few things you should take note while you’re on the road:

  1. Always keep it professional

Remember that you’re still at work and more importantly, that’s still your boss. Avoid topics that are controversial so you never risk getting in awkward and uncomfortable conversations. Be friendly but stay away from discussions that are too personal like gossiping or anything that would make your boss see you in a lesser light.

  1. Be early

From the day of departure to the day you come back, always be on time for everything. Also, don’t arrive looking disorganized; have your documents ready, have your presentations in check, extra business cards et al.

  1. Don’t be difficult or picky

Go with the flow. Remember that this is still a business trip and you don’t have to start requesting for room service or free bottles of alcohol just because it’s being paid for. It also means not necessarily complaining about your room or the trip to your destination or the service of the hotel.

  1. Pack reasonably

Pack office-sensible clothes which can be mixed and matched so you have a different & classy outfit every day. Make sure you have clothes to cover every planned meeting – considering that you already have your schedule forehand.

  1. Keep your alcohol consumption in check

There’s nothing as sad as having your boss pick up after you’ve had a wild night out. Alcoholic drinks and late night dinner parties are inevitable on business trips and even if your boss isn’t a drinker, you may find clients ordering drinks and you might be pressured into doing the same. Normally, your boss would be okay with a drink or two but never overdo it.

  1. In moments of stress, keep it together

What happens if you end up losing your luggage at the airport or you’re sent to the wrong room? Or what happens when a waiter accidentally spills coffee on the one good dress/suit you have? You don’t lose your cool or worse still, don’t cry. Figure out how to resolve such situations calmly without letting your boss see your ugly side. This would portray how well you handle stressful situations and how well you transcend in circumstances like these, so make it count.

  1. Make the most of it

As I said earlier, this might be one of the rare opportunities you have to be your boss’ right-hand while out of the office. They will at most times be in a relaxed mood different to the office so make it count. Show off what you can do without being too obvious.

This article by Forbes has some additional tips to help you out.

It’s also important to note that your boss is watching and assessing you at all times. This might be your chance to fast track your advancement in the company, so show them what you can do!

What things do you need when going on a business trip? Here is a list to help you out – Business Travel Essentials.

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