4 Crazy Beauty And Fashion Trends For 2017 You Need To Know About


When it comes to the most playful and experimental industry, fashion and beauty take the cake. Fashionistas tend to be avant-garde and bold and most of the time we love them for it. They do, of course, come up with great hacks that make our life easier. Like using milk of magnesia as a primer instead of an expensive store bought one, as well that life-saving tutorial that showed us how to make backless bras so that you can rock a low plunging back dress. These are just some of the ways that a beauty or fashion blogger has saved the day and every woman has a favourite tutorial.

But sometimes, they seem to take it a little too far, like Huda Kattan using the vaginal cream as a primer or that insane trend of 100 layers of everything that was quite disturbing and a little gross to watch.

Here are some of the outrageous beauty trends of 2017 so far.

Using hard boiled eggs to apply your foundation

Just when you thought you’d seen and heard it all, the beauty world surprises you with another one. Instead of using your regular beauty blending sponge, people are now using peeled, hard boiled eggs. The trend was popularized by beauty blogger PopLuxe and it went onto the list of other unconventional things people have been using to blend in their foundation such as silicon bra inserts, tomatoes and condoms (yes condoms).

The pro of using a hard boiled egg is that it doesn’t absorb any product so you use less of it and your foundation will last longer.

The cons are that, for one, it’s waste of good food. It’s expensive because it’s not sustainable to buy a tray of eggs every month as a substitute for your beauty blender. You might also end up with a smelly face and the egg is a little hard to use because bits of it break off during your application. You can watch a video of some ladies trying it out and be the judge of whether this trend is a hit or miss.

Me? I’d rather stick to my regular foundation brush.

Setting your foundation with ice water

Don’t have money for a setting spray? Have no fear, if you fancy dipping your face in a bowl of ice cold water, then this might just be the thing for you.

The trend originated from Korea (which also the home of boob masks) and it’s called Jamsu which translates to submerge or dive.

After completing your daily foundation routine, you cake your face with a thick layer of baby powder and then dunk your face in a bowl of frigid water for thirty seconds. The water washes away the baby powder from your face and leaves you with a smooth and even appearance that lasts throughout the day without rubbing or melting off.

The pro is that you get a flawless finish. The con is that you face is going to feel numb for a while. This trend is not for the fainthearted though but it’s something I am definitely curious about trying.

Lollipop lips

Lollilop lips. Image from thesistersgoshopping.blogspot.co.ke

2017 is certainly the year for more natural finishes when it comes to makeup looks. There is a bias towards a ‘no fuss’ sort of look and it’s predicted that unlined lips might replace the picture perfect lipstick and lip lined lips of 2016.

Lollipop lips is a way of applying lipstick by colouring outside your lip line to make the lipstick appear like it bled out. The result is a smudged lipstick which is usually how you look after having a hearty and messy meal with your lipstick on.

The pro is that if you’re clumsy when applying lipstick or your hands are too shaky when using lip liner, you can now walk out into the world and you’d be considered fashion forward.

The con is that once again, it’s not for the faint hearted and the line between being on trend and looking downright ridiculous is very thin, especially with this particular look.

Crotchless panties

Crotchless panties. Image from https://www.amazon.com

This is a thing that has been around for quite some time but it might get more popular in 2017. Crotchless panties are exactly that; panties with no crotch. It’s your basic panty but without the cloth that usually covers your vagina. It took a while for me to wrap my head around this but different strokes for different folks, right?

It can be worn as a ‘naughty’ addition to your lingerie collection or you can wear it as a regular panty if you’re a fan of the extra flow of air around your nether regions. You can be bolder by wearing them underneath a flowing dress or skirt.

The pro is that crotchless panties are without a doubt sexy and can spice up your bedroom life. For your day to day item, they can be some form of breathable wear.

The con is that they are probably not a good idea when you’re on your period. I also wonder how you’d keep your vaginal fluids contained when you’re wearing a panty with no crotch.

In my opinion, those were some of the crazy beauty trends I have come across so far. You can comment below on other trends that you have found to be crazy as well share your opinion on whether or not you’d try or have tried some of them.


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