Making Sure That Custom Kitenge Does Not Disappoint You


Wambui is getting married. Wambui who always seemed to have an aversion to opposite sex while you swooned over them in high school. Wambui whom you’ve never seen in any shade of lipstick. This is not an occasion to be missed.

We have had situations where only a custom-made dress will bring out the statement we want to make, whether its paying homage to your African heritage or simply wanting to stand out in a unique piece on an important event such as your friend Wambui’s wedding.

We have also been utterly disappointed when, going to collect the garment you realize it has turned out horribly wrong and leave dejected having wasted your fabric and money.

While the final result is largely dependant on the workmanship of the tailor, they are a few tips that will ensure you get it right every time.

Choosing your design. This is where it all begins. That make or break moment where you commit to a style. Here sticking to basics is key. In wanting to wow everyone with your piece, keep in mind how skilled your tailor will be. Manage your expectations with a style that will be easy to execute for almost anyone. Often, the beauty will lie in the simplicity of your dress.


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When it comes to finding a tailor, I rely heavily on the referrals given to me by others. The reviews given by my friends and relatives allow me to know what I can expect when I commission them to make my outfit and to gauge how suitable they are for the job based on the work that they have done before.

Staying within your means is paramount in ensuring that the day you go collect your kitenge does not end up with you in tears. You should not insist of having an elaborate gown made for half the cost as this is a definite recipe for disaster. Instead, compromise on your design when need be and negotiate with the tailor to a point that will be a win-win for the both of you.

On the day of fitting wear the right underwear. Go to the tailor in the bra that you intend to wear with the dress. This will make the fitting more accurate giving you that perfectly tailored look that you saw on your Pinterest board.

Do not suck your stomach in. Ladies, we are probably all guilty of this and at some point, we will silently breath in order to make our bellies look smaller. This doesn’t help. All you will end up with is an ill fitting dress that is too tight at the waist making you uncomfortable every time you wear it. So be natural and loosen up. There is no shame in having a few rolls on your stomach.

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Sometimes an already made dress in the best. At the tailor’s shop, ask to see some of the clothes that they have already made and that are for sale. If you find something that is similar to what you want, it is better to go with than having them make one from scratch. It is also almost always cheaper.

Finally, find a good fabric. Cheap is expensive. Find a good quality fabric at price point within your range. This is the foundation of your outfit. Do not compromise.

With that in mind, you are all set to attend Wambui’s wedding in your tailor-made show stopping piece.

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