6 Reasons To Travel Solo


There are many reasons why you should travel solo.

You are sitting in the office feeling a little out of it. You have been feeling very uninspired lately and you have lost your zeal for life. What you need is to get away from the city. So, you call up your best friend and suggest you take a road trip but they are busy, then you call the next friend and they are busy too and so you give up on your plans and go on with your day. You fail to consider the option of travelling alone because you think that it will be boring. This is not true. Travelling alone can be fun and possibly exactly what you need.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider travelling alone.

1. It is easier to plan

Coordinating various schedules can be very difficult and not to mention infuriating. It can also be frustrating relying on someone else to know when you can travel. If you travel alone you just have to think about whether you can make the time. At the same time, it also allows you to be spontaneous. You can pack your bags at any time and go on an adventure.

2. You can do exactly what you want

Travelling alone means that you only have to think about what you want and what you need. I realize this sounds selfish but sometimes we need to take care of ourselves. How many times have you wanted to do something and because whoever you are with is not interested you will forfeit your needs?

3. You are more likely to meet new people

When you travel with others your time is occupied with them and you rarely notice other people around you. However, when you are alone you free to talk to other people and you will be more inclined to talk to someone new. Who knows they may be the connection to your next job or your next partner.

4. You will learn to enjoy your own company

We rarely take time out to get to know ourselves and travelling alone is the perfect time to do that. You will have to entertain yourself and figure out what you really are like without the influence of others.


Travelling solo. Image from https://www.flipkey.com/blog/2014/11/03/top-25-solo-female-travel-bloggers-to-follow-in-2015/

5. It is very relaxing

Sometimes you also need a break from the people in your life. They may be the ones causing drama in your life and you need to get away from them. Once you spend some time away from them you will feel a lot more relaxed and rejuvenated.

6. It will boost your confidence

Specifically because travelling alone can be scary, if you are able to do it then it will raise your confidence that anything is possible. It is very fulfilling to conquer your fears.

Travelling alone may seem like a daunting task but it can be enjoyable and relaxing. If you need inspiration you can check out travel with Katchie. Katchie travelled from the Cape to Cairo alone using public transport. There are plenty of solo travellers out there who are having the time of their lives. You should join them.

Here are some tips on how  to save up for that travel bucketlist trip.

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