Young And Struggling To Find Your Place? You Are Not Alone


There is a new word in town: adulting. From the contexts that I have seen this word get used in, I think that it refers to the process of moving from life as a carefree campus student to an adult who must find their paths through the world of true adults and begin to take care of their bills and really begin taking responsibility of their actions. Adulting could also refer to that time when you wake up one day and begin to notice that other people around you are expecting a lot better from you and you can no longer just walk into Coldstone and blow away 1000bob on ice cream without carefully thinking about how this may dent your pocket and how mature this is.

So, this article is for you.  If you identify with at least two of the struggles listed here, chances are that you are in your early-mid 20s. I could be wrong. They say that there is comfort in numbers so it might help to know that your adulting challenges are shared by a host other people.

Here we go:


Getting a job in this country is an uphill task. Indeed, with all the statistics on unemployment rates, asking for a job could feel like asking for too much. Yet, you are at that age where people are beginning to expect you to have some income, to take care of some of your bills and have some independence from your guardians, after all, you now have a degree. This can be stressful but I can assure you that all these people want the best for you and that is why they are keeping you on your toes. Do not give up on your job search (even when nothing is forthcoming) and keep working on your passions…just who knows? One thing is for certain though: no one thinks that you are a failure simply because you do not have a job at 24. In any case, you have done so well for yourself by getting your academic qualification in record time. So, hang in there – do time.

Getting out of your childhood

This is a crazy age to be at. Your ID says that you are an adult but at heart, you are really a child. You begin to realize that adults do not know so much anyway and they are just wading through life and somehow, some good comes out of that. So maybe you should not be in a hurry to completely shade your childhood in one night. Do not be disappointed in yourself if you realize that you still have three quarters of your childhood habits such as sleeping on the couch because you were too lazy to get yourself to the bedroom.

The pressure to be in the perfect relationship

So, your friends seem to be in perfect relationships? Some are even getting married to their first loves? And you do not have an idea of what you are doing with your heart? Don’t worry; there is plenty of time to meet someone that you will insanely love. Everyone really just has their own pace in life and it might be foolhardy to try and compete with your friends.

Discerning friendships

This is the age that you begin to realize which of your friends is worthy and which you are better off not suffering for. So, you have heard that a certain clique of your friends have been gossiping about you and you feel heartbroken? Or that your BFF got another BFF and you are starting to question your worth in life? Take a chill pill. This is the age where we begin to build narrow and deep friendships. This is the point in life where you begin to really name what matters in your life, identify your fears and just move to embrace the grown up that you will turn into. Be open to wise counsel and be ready to challenge yourself. Accept the journey that is unfolding before you and move with it.

There are many things that the average young person has to deal with as they walk through life. Whatever it is, you are not in there alone. And the only thing that matters is finding yourself in all these.

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