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Mugzie’s Naturals is a range of Kenyan made products that contain pure, premium and natural ingredients that are amazing for your hair, skin and inner being.

These products which I discovered happily by accident have been a God-sent miracle for over a month now. Containing no chemicals, additives or anything icky but do include blends of natural oils, I’ve noticed a major difference in my skin and hair since I started using them.

Consisting of shower melts, massage oil, lip balms, body & hair butters, beard cream and bentonite clay among other exciting and amazingly packaged products, I was super excited to give this line of products a try!

Service and delivery

First of all, Mugethi Gitau, the owner of Mugzie’s is amazing when it comes to delivery. Considering that the product range is sold online and most people have had quite the nasty experience with buying products online, Mugethi makes sure that your package is delivered ON TIME, in a very cool package (with extra goodness inside) and without much fuss.


The butters come in very pretty mason jars with the ingredients indicated on the side; with the benefits of the ingredients also indicated, how cool is that?


I’m not really a nappy head – not that there’s anything wrong with it – and I’m not obsessed with naturalista tendencies, but Mugzie’s changed my entire perspective on how I treat my body, hair and skin.

The products are super easy to use, come with numerous benefits and they smell amazing; which almost makes them addictive and very enjoyable to use. Why? Because the more you love the products you use, the more you use them. For the first few days my biggest challenge was to apply the products, not eat them (giggles). Every single product from Mugzie’s is so incredibly yummy, you’d wish they were edible.

Body butters and body creams

Made of shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils like castor oil, coconut oil and vanilla oil, I immediately swapped my lotions for the body butters and creams for application on my whole body!

This body butter that is hand whipped and crafted for all skin types is just what your body needs after a nice warm shower. My skin is also softer, brighter and more hydrated than ever before.


Hair butter

I really noticed the difference in my hair after about two weeks. My hair had really grown, it wasn’t itchy and I’ve not had dry scalp since. With other products, whether on my own hair or with braids, I usually had to keep washing after a week or two because of the build-up of oils and dirt. With this hair butter, I applied it at the beginning of this week and I forgot about it. I don’t have to keep re-applying hair product or worrying about dry and itchy scalp.

Also, I’ve noticed that the hair butter is almost immediately absorbed by my skin and hair. You know that shimmery look you have after applying oil to your hair? I’ve seen none of that with Mugzie’s hair oil and I love it!

Beard cream

Obviously having no beard, Mugethi gave me a small amount of beard cream for my best friend to try out and he also loved it. Guys are really keen on what they apply to their beards, understandably, and the beard cream is a perfect combination of a moisturizer and the fusion of shea butter and tea tree oil is great for infusing hair growth.

Light body oil/Massage oils

The first time I used the massage oil was on my mum and she loved it! First of all the smell is just insanely addictive and amazing. Second, the way it works on sore and aching muscles is simply divine. Rubbing a small amount of the oil to your feet – after showering of course – relaxes your muscles especially if you had one of those running-around days.

The oil relieves soreness, is a very rich hydrant and is a very good aromatherapy oil!



The chapstick leaves a very nice tingly sensation giving you the softest and yummiest lips all day. My favorite is the strawberry flavor. With a small dab on my lips a few times a day, my lips are ever soft and moisturized

Bentonite clay

The last time I had an encounter with bentonite clay, my skin broke terribly so I was a bit cautious of using anything new on my face. I used the clay after two weeks of getting it but that was after a friend swore by Mugzie’s bentonite clay.

The after results left my skin clean and super soft. The clay lifts up toxins, dirt, dead skin and sweat from your skin, reduces the size of your pores and firms & tightens your skin. It’s also a really good exfoliator. Two tries later (with no caution this time) and I declared the clay bae to my face!

Shower melts

With one of these shower melts at the corner of your shower, be assured of total rejuvenation and relaxation with their combination of eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender oils to open up your sinuses and pores. With the shifty weather in Nairobi, the shower melts are just what you need to drive away the flu instead of running to buy a few pills.

I have so far loved my experience with Mugzie’s products and I would recommend all the products for everyone! The products are great for all types of skin and are also super duper affordable! So, do yourself a favor and visit their website here and enjoy the awesomeness that is Mugzie’s Naturals! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Please let us know if they work for you.

Here are some Benefits Of Bentonite Clay.


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