Fitness: Great Foods To Eat Before A Workout


Preparation is essential to an effective workout. In order to reap all the benefits of sweating outside in the sun or in the gym for a few minutes or hours, then you better sharpen your saw by giving your body all the tools it requires to give it the best shot.

Eating before a workout also helps to prevent catabolism which is what happens when your body uses up all it’s glycogen reserves from carbohydrates and begins to seek an alternative source of fuel which is amino acids and your hard-earned muscle!


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Here are some of the best pre-workout snacks.


The best thing about this being one of the recommended foods to eat before exercising is its availability all year round and that it is very affordable.

Aside from that, bananas are packed with carbohydrates which are a great source of fuel for that gruelling workout. It also contains potassium which helps maintain proper fluid balance in the body, therefore, lowering the risk of muscular cramps which can be a major buzzkill especially when you are just beginning to enjoy your run. It also helps in storage of carbohydrates which are gradually released as you exercise thus boosting your endurance.


Muscles grow best under pressure. (Procrastinators aye! The next time, tell them you aren’t lazy, you’re like skeletal muscle you work best under pressure). The best way to build muscle is to overload it through weightlifting or doing other strenuous activities as it is this resistance that causes them to break down and as they repair themselves they grow bigger and stronger.

Because this process produces a lot of waste, fibre helps to get rid of the accumulated junk leaving a clean environment for your muscles grow and you get fitter and healthier.

Oats are packed with fibre and bowl of oat porridge an hour or two before you hit the gym will allow you to give maximum effort.

Egg whites

Eggs are rich in essential amino acids which help boost muscle growth which in turn increase your metabolism ensuring your body burns calories even at rest. Eggs are a super food, containing vitamin A which helps to strengthen your bones, Vitamin E which help maintain cardiovascular health, keeping the most important pump in the world in top shape and vitamin B12 which helps in the synthesis of red blood cells which are key in oxygen transportation so that you don’t run out of breath easily when exercising and that your muscles aren’t deprived of energy.


While this is not a food group, it is probably the most important element in determining whether your body pushes through a routine or gives up halfway.

Hydrating aids in the transportation of nutrients throughout the body, replenishes lost body fluids through sweating and reduces fatigue. A bottle of water an hour or thirty minutes before exercise will make a world of difference particularly if you’re exercising in warm climates like the one in our country.

Here is a chart with some of the food you can eat afterwards.

That said, eat a banana, put on your sports bra, lace up your running shoes and make due on that promise you made to yourself to get in shape.

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