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Online shopping has disrupted the purchase of goods all over the world. Nowadays, most people don’t go to malls or clothes stores to decide on what to buy, they whip out their phones, tablets or laptops, look for what they want online, make the purchase and wait eagerly for its delivery.

This culture which is fast gaining credibility among Kenyan consumers shows that most online shoppers buy electronics, with fashion items coming at a close second. However, one thing that deters the growth of online shopping especially when it comes to getting products from abroad is the effectiveness and reliability of ensuring you get your purchases safe, on time and hassle free. There’s also the major fact that most of the products that we buy from certain retailers don’t offer shipping services to the country, hence the question we see almost every day on social media, “Who’s going to this and this country, I need some products delivered.” Frustrating, isn’t it?

However, if you’re like me and you find it so much easier to shop online from a service that makes it easier, more comfortable and most importantly – cheaper – to shop online and keep coming back for more, is where you need to go.


With more than 15 years of experience in international shipping, is a leading E-commerce website which offers direct and easy access to an incredible selection of U.S. sold goods and top brands from the most popular websites, at highly-competitive prices. Best of all, it’s one of the services that deliver products all over the world, even if that particular retailer does not support deliveries to this region.

Aside from the fact that USaddress allows their customers to shop at any US online retailers and have their goods delivered right to their doorstep, the online website has also partnered with PayPal to offer a $10 coupon for deliveries from the US. The partnership takes advantage of PayPal’s trusted online payments and guaranteed quality customer service and has now brought the advantage home, where customers in Africa can get access to in-demand online retailers located in the US, who previously didn’t ship to the continents, while still using PayPal.


What Kenyans ship from the US

Some of the benefits of using USaddress include:

  • You can save up to 70% of international shipping costs with package consolidation

With, you have the extra advantage of saving more money by combining orders from different stores in one shipment. Package consolidation helps you to cut shipping fees on both goods and cuts on the time spent waiting for different couriers to deliver.

  • More importantly, Save on shopping!

With USaddress, you can easily shop your favourite online stores in the USA, like Amazon, eBay, 6 PM and more. Buying items from US retailers and have them shipped with USaddress can be far less expensive than buying those items in your home country! You can take advantage of the great deals and sales they have in America. Check out their deal page to find all the hottest sales and deals.

  • There are no surprise charges upon delivery

All shipping costs are calculated in advance, including US and international shipping fee. Payment of tax on package content is dependent on the type of item purchased and your local import rules and regulations but you can be assured of no extra charges incurred on the arrival of your shipment.

  • You can track how far your package has reached

The website has a feature called the My Dashboard page that lets you see all the details of your package including where it currently is. The company also notifies you – via email – of every stage of the process, right up until you receive your shipment.

  • Insure your shipment

There’s no secret that lots of unfortunate things can happen while your products get delivered to you, however, the secret is that with USaddress, you can insure your packages for the duration of the shipping process. Insurance can be issued in two cases: for items purchased independently and dispatched to your USaddress, and for items purchased through the “Shop for You” service.

  • Repack your package to save fees

Many stores will often pack your goods in very big boxes, which may increase fees if the carrier is factoring in the volumetric weight when calculating shipping fees. offers to repack your package to decrease its volume, thereby saving you shipment costs of up to 70%!

  • Enjoy Free storage

If for example you have chosen and bought your products, but are in no position to receive the package immediately, will provide you with free storage of your package (s) for 30 days following receipt of the package at their logistics center.

How to register

Registration is free! Once you register to USaddress, you’re given a personal US shipping address to use. You can then begin shopping with any US retailer, and use your personal USaddress as the shipping address. Don’t forget to check out the discounts that are available. Your orders will be shipped to their logistics center under your personal USaddress. You will then need to pay for the shipment; don’t forget to use the new PayPal discount coupon, and USaddress will ship it directly to your doorstep.

From there, you sit back, relax and wait as your shipment is delivered safely and conveniently to you at your house or office.

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