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Damian Marley, the youngest of the Bob Marley progeny performed for the first time in Nairobi, Kenya, at the Carnivore Grounds on the 31st of May. The concert was attended, as you’d expect, by reggae fans, who came in Rastafiri attire and adornments. The concert grounds were filled with excited fans as they sang along to Damian’s new and older hits.

Earlier when he arrived in Kenya he had visited the KWS Nairobi Orphanage – Damian Marley Visits Kenya Wildlife Service Orphanage And Adopts A Lion Mukoma Marley

Damian Marley. Image from Mbichagraphy
Image credit @Mbichagraphy

Before his performance, popular local musicians, Khaligraph Jones, Jua Kali, and Wyre curtain-raised for the reggae star with Khaligraph Jones receiving a rather hostile reception while Jua Kali and Wyre got the crowds excited. Damian Marley hit the stage later in the night around 2:00PM with the crowd eager to give him a energetic welcome.

Jua Cali. Image by Mbichagraphy


Image from Mbichagraphy

Damian Marley got the crowd charged up for over 2 hours he was on stage as he sang his more popular hits. Some of the songs he sang included “Beautiful,” “Affairs of the Heart,” “Road to Zion,” and “Welcome to Jamrock” among other songs.  The crowd was also up in the air as he sang his father’s hits including “Get Up, Stand Up,” “Could You Be Loved.”

Fans were also stoked with his good Swahili. He was clearly able to say “Habari Gani” and “Asante Sana” with clarity and without missing a vowel, unlike most foreign artists. The show came to a close with Damian performing his hit “Welcome to Jamrock.”

Damian Marley performing. Image credit Allan Gichigi


Damian Marley performing. Image credit Allan Gichigi


Damian Marley performing. Image credit Allan Gichigi



Featured Image: Courtesy of Allan Gichigi

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