Make Your Way To The Hotel InterContinental For The Italian Food Festival


If you love Italian food then you are in for a treat. The InterContinental Hotel is having an Italian food festival which will introduce and showcase tasty contemporary Italian cuisine.


Every day Italian guest Chef Marco Pincelli will give prepare different meals from different parts of Italy. Chef Marco who is the Chef at Award winning InterContinental Hotel Lusaka has come to Kenya just for this festival. Chef Marco is an expert in contemporary Italian food and has experience in a wide range of international and multicultural cuisine. With numerous awards to his name, Pincelli is passionate about making Italian cuisine popular in Lusaka – and elsewhere.

The key specialities at the Italian Festival include different types of Pizza, Cheese, Salumi, Pasta and Gelato. The festival started on the 15th of June and will run until 25th of June. So you have 6 more days to experience the awesomeness of the festival.

We had an event to try out the different Italian dishes and wines. and I have to say you are in for a treat. The event seeks to highlight diversity while advocating for unity and togetherness. Some of the food we tasted includeded some succulent beef medallion, gorgonzola cheese, spaghetti, and some other delicious dishes.

“Our aim is to create awareness on Italy’s rich food culture. We also hope to highlight diversity while advocating for unity and togetherness locally.” Said Mr. Oliver Geyer, Residential Manager, InterContinental Hotel–Nairobi.

The special meals are being prepared by Italian guest Chef Marco Pincelli of InterContinental Hotel–Lusaka. Some of the mouth watering specialties being showcased include; Pizza, Cheese, Salumi (cold meat cuts), Pasta and Gelato (Icecream). Other than this, guests will have a chance to sip on authentic Italian wines and cocktails in true inimitable Italian style.

“As a visiting chef, the experience has been fantastic – people have been extremely curious and passionate about various modern and cultural Italian dishes. Many have been keen to try several dishes, but they have also wanted to learn more about the different dishes” noted Mr. Pincelli.

InterContinental Hotel has always been hosting such food fairs annually with the former being the Indian Food Festival, that happened in October 2016. “The idea has been to promote international cuisines by bringing in premier chefs from our sister hotels, in other countries” noted Mr. Geyer.


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